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StarTropics and Alien Storm on VC

More chances to give Nintendo money.

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After Harvest Moon gave last week's Virtual Console update an air of warmth and happiness, StarTropics for the NES (500 Wii Points - GBP 3.50 / EUR 5.00) arrives this Friday, 11th January aiming to maintain the high.

The US-developed, narrative-driven top-down action-adventure sees players hunting down their missing uncle on foot and in a submarine. It sounds quite enchanting, but is 50 years old so probably isn't.

And then it's back to earth with a bang in SEGA's latest 16-bit, 800-Wii-Pointer (GBP 6.00 / EUR 8.00), Alien Storm, which is a side-scrolling action-adventure game where you fight aliens. It sounds a bit like Golden Axe, and you can play as people called Garth, Scooter or Karen, who was apparently absent in the Master System version. Thanks, Wikipedia.

For more on whether they are worth spending money on or whether you should just keep playing Harvest Moon instead, hang around this weekend for our usual Virtual Console Roundup. Or, cast your eyes over StarTropics and Alien Storm screenshot galleries, assuming I've got the links the right way round.

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