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Starfield release date, early access date, file size, and Game Pass details

Here's how to prepare for Starfield's release on Xbox and PC.

Person in a white space suit looking at an alien mountain planet landscape and skyline.
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield is at last nearly in our hands after a few unfortunate delays set its initial release date back by nearly a year.

As well as a regular release date for those who buy the standard edition and are planning to play through Game Pass, there's also an early access release date and time available to those who purchase separate editions.

We go over all of these dates below, as well as the file size, and the Starfield preload dates.

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Starfield early access release date and time

If you pre-order the Digital Premium Edition, Digital Premium upgrade, or Constellation Edition of Starfield you get five days early access to the game.

So the early access release date of Starfield is Friday, 1st September.

Thanks to the official Starfield website, we can now confirm the exact early access Starfield release date and time for timezones across the world:

  • East Coast US: Thursday 31st August, 8pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Thursday 31st August, 7pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Thursday 31st August, 5pm (PDT)
  • UK: Friday 1st September, 1am (BST)
  • Europe: Friday 1st September, 2am (CEST)
  • Japan: Friday 1st September, 9am (JST)
  • Australia: Friday 1st September, 10am (AEST)
Image credit: Bethesda

Remember, you can only access Starfield early on this date if you buy the Digital Premium Edition, Digital Premium upgrade, or Constellation Edition of Starfield. The release date and time for all other editions is detailed below.

Starfield release date and time for all

No matter what edition you're playing, including the one available on Game Pass, you can play Starfield when it releases on Wednesday 6th September.

Just like the early access unlock times, you will be able to play Starfield at midnight in the GMT timezone, so 1am in the UK (BST) and 8pm on the US East Coast (EDT).

Here's the exact Starfield release date and time in other timezones:

  • East Coast US: Tuesday 5th September, 8pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Tuesday 5th September, 7pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US: Tuesday 5th September, 5pm (PDT)
  • UK: Wednesday 6th September, 1am (BST)
  • Europe: Wednesday 6th September, 2am (CEST)
  • Japan: Wednesday 6th September, 9am (JST)
  • Australia: Wednesday 6th September, 10am (AEST)
The player character posing against a shot of a ringed gas giant in Bethesda's open world RPG Starfield.

Starfield file size for Xbox and PC

According to the Microsoft Store, the approximate size for Starfield on PC will be 139.84 GB. It's also important to note that the Microsoft Store states that the approximate size for the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade is 16.83GB.

Interestingly, Steam will lists Starfield as requiring 125 GB on PC. Either way whether you're playing on PC or Xbox, you need to make sure you've got a good amount of free space to download Starfield.

As listed on Xbox Series X / S, the file size for the Standard Edition is 100.19GB and the Premium Edition is 117.07GB on consoles. This file size could increase, coming closer or higher to 125GB, but, based on previous Series X / S releases, it's not surprisingly to see Starfield have a smaller file size on console when compared to PC.

Keep in mind that these file sizes don't include any day one patches you might need to download on release. It's very likely that Starfield will have a day one patch, as almost all big release do now.

For more tech details, we've got a page detailing Starfield's minimum and recommended specs.

A Starfield screenshot showing an astronaut standing in a barren, mountainous environment gazing up at a ringed planet visible in the hazy sky.
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield Game Pass details

If you plan to play Starfield with a Game Pass subscription, then you'll be able to access it on its official release date of Wednesday 6th September alongside those who purchase the standard edition of the game.

However, if you're subscribed to Game Pass and want to play Starfield early without buying the full game, then you can purchase the Digital Premium upgrade at a small discount for £31.49 / $31.49. This also includes some bonus in-game items, a digital artbook, and a patch and steelbook case if you get the physical version of the upgrade.

If you opt to play the ordinary version of Starfield included on your Game Pass subscription instead, then you still get the in-game item pre order bonuses for the standard edition of Starfield.

You can continue to play Starfield as long as you keep your Game Pass subscription active, but when it runs out you won't have access to it anymore. Your save files will still be there if you decide to renew your subscription in the future, or purchase Starfield.

Starfield preload dates

If you're planning on preloading Starfield, and considering the file size that's probably a good idea, there are two dates you should pay attention to. This is because the preload date for Starfield on Steam is different to the one for Xbox Series X / S.

Here are the Starfield preload dates:

  • Xbox Series X / S Preload Date - Thursday 17th August
  • Steam Preload Date - Wednesday 30th August

Hope you enjoy Starfield when it finally releases!

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