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Square Enix details Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus offering

"Final Fantasy Mode."

Final Fantasy 16 will include a New Game Plus mode, Square Enix has confirmed.

Named as "Final Fantasy Mode", this option will sit on the game's main menu once you have beaten the main campaign, and allow you to carry over your items, abilities and level progression into a fresh playthrough.

Here, the level cap will be raised to 100, though you'll also have to face "far more powerful" enemies.

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay.Watch on YouTube

PlayStation Trophy hunters will need to beat the game on New Game Plus to nab a gold-rarity Trophy.

Square Enix detailed Final Fantasy Mode in a four-hour pre-launch Japanese livestream for Final Fantasy 16 that aired over the weekend.

This will also add more difficult options for the game's arcade-style mode Artete Stone and time attack Chronolith Trial offerings (thanks, Genki).

Square Enix previously revealed to Eurogamer that Final Fantasy 16 will have a major plot spoiler hidden in its battle fanfare lyrics - albeit sung in Ancient Greek.

Presumably if you've hit New Game Plus mode, it's okay to get your translation phrase book out and discover exactly what those lyrics say.

For those avoiding spoilers, beware the fact that early copies of the game are now out in the wild, ahead of its launch later this week.

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