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Splash Damage's new game is Brink

Bethesda-published PC/PS3/360 title.

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Update: Check out the announcement trailer on Eurogamer TV in HD.

Edit: The fruit of Splash Damage's development deal with Bethesda Softworks is called Brink according to a US TV advert.

Due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in spring 2010, Brink is... well, we have no idea, because we haven't seen the teaser yet, but you can expect to see it on the net imminently.

What we do know is that Brink will be shown at E3 next week and it's a big deal for both developer and publisher.

This also clears up that ZeniMax trademark filing.

"From a quality perspective we're pitching that along the same lines as Fallout 3," Bethesda's Sean Brennan told our sister site recently.

"We've kept it under lock and key, there are so many innovative features in there we don't want to reveal them too soon."

Bethesda and Splash Damage originally announced their partnership this time last year.

Look out for the teaser trailer on Eurogamer TV in the next few hours.

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