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Speedrunner dances through Cuphead using DDR mat

He's no mug.

Not sure if you have heard, but Cuphead is apparently pretty difficult to play. So why not have a bit of fun with it instead? That's certainly what speedrunner PeekyBoo has done, beating every boss in the game using only a Dance Dance Revolution mat.

PeekyBoo stomped his way through Cuphead in one hour and 24 minutes, methodically and patiently defeating each boss. The DDR machine used was programmed so that each arrow pad button corresponds to a particular keyboard input, but PeekyBoo is no stranger to this having completed games such as Super Mario Sunshine and Shovel Knight using this method. Check out his Cuphead run below.

"In order to do any action I pretty much have to sacrifice all of my others, so to dodge attacks I can't jump or shoot," PeekBoo told Kotaku. "To switch weapons I have to press a switch on the arcade cabinet itself. The whole setup for play relies on having the best weapon selected before starting a stage and having a lot of foresight for the upcoming attacks to allow enough time to react."

PeekyBoo isn't the only player to make a mockery of Cuphead's difficulty, with some fans even flying through the game without taking any damage. Cuphead has thrown down a gauntlet to the gaming community and people are determined to take on the challenge.

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