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Cuphead developer confirms Delicious Last Course DLC will no longer launch this year

Now expected to arrive in 2021.

Studio MDHR has announced another delay for Cuphead's long-in-the-works Delicious Last Course DLC, this time into 2021, citing challenges "amid the global pandemic".

The Delicious Last Course - which sees Cuphead and Mugman joining forces with Ms. Chalice on a brand-new island for more classic-cartoon-inspired adventuring - was initially announced in June 2018, with a projected release of the following year.

However, as July 2019 rolled around, Studio MDHR revealed it had made the decision to push The Delicious Last Course's launch into 2020 so the DLC would meet "the meticulous level of care and quality we always strive for" and to ensure the developer could continue to "make things in a way that's healthy and sustainable for our team".

Cover image for YouTube videoCuphead DLC Teaser Trailer: Coming to Xbox One & Windows 10 in 2020!
Cuphead DLC teaser trailer.

Almost 18 months on, and with 2020 rapidly nearing its conclusion, the developer has once again announced its intention to delay release.

"In true Studio MDHR fashion," the studio wrote in a statement posted to Twitter, "we aren't content for this final chapter to be anything less than our best work. Throughout development, we've challenged ourselves to put everything we learned from making Cuphead into the quality of The Delicious Last Course's animation, design, and music."

"Meeting this standard has been extremely challenging for us amid the global pandemic that has affected so many of our fellow developers," the statement continued. "Rather than compromise on our vision in response to COVID, we've made the difficult decision to push back the release of The Delicious Last Course until we are confident it will delight the Cuphead community the way we feel it should."

"We know many of you have been waiting to return to the Inkwell Isles," Studio MDHR concluded, "and our goal is to make the trip back there next year a truly magical one."