A brutal game that's equal parts frustrating and exhilarating, delivered in the mesmerising style of a prohibition-era cartoon.


FeatureMicrosoft talks Project Scarlett ID@Xbox plans

Chris Charla discusses consolidation, subscription services and curation.

Cuphead review


VideoWatch: 11 minutes of Cuphead demo gameplay

Featuring platforming sections and boss battles.

Key events

Looks like Cuphead is coming to PlayStation 4

UPDATE: Spill the teaser today.

Netflix announces Cuphead cartoon series

Saucers close to production say.

Cuphead DLC delayed until next year

They want to get the recipe just right.

FeatureMicrosoft talks Project Scarlett ID@Xbox plans

Chris Charla discusses consolidation, subscription services and curation.

Cuphead is coming to Switch next month

UPDATE: Xbox Live features coming via post-launch update.

Cuphead sells over 3m copies

It's a knockout!

Cuphead fans are making a mockery of its difficulty

See all 28 bosses defeated, no damage taken.

Cuphead review


Cuphead will never come to PS4

"It's 100 per cent true."

Cuphead finally has a release date

Tea'd up for autumn.

Cuphead delayed until mid next year

To ship with the developer's "vision intact".

VideoWatch: 11 minutes of Cuphead demo gameplay

Featuring platforming sections and boss battles.

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Friday

Yosp! Metroid! Cuphead! And that's a wrap!