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Sony infects the web with Killzone 2

Browser plug-in aims to build excitement.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has made a clever Killzone 2 plug-in that takes over browsers, fills them with Helghast and turns mouse-pointers into crosshairs.

The pocket-sized program can be nabbed from the Killzone 2 website, and, once installed, can launch from any URL. There's an opt-out option, plus players can form squads with up to three friends, either inviting them to battles or joining theirs.

Points and multipliers are awarded for shooting heads and hidden explosives, and the more people playing the more points there will be on offer. Cleverly, missed bullets tear apart the background website. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported.

We wouldn't normally tell you about any of this, honest, but Killzone 2 launches this Friday and arrives with a big fat Eurogamer seal of approval.

Head over to our Killzone 2 review to find out why.

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