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Sony asks for input on UC2 playlists

Vote for multiplayer changes.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony is polling European gamers about which new playlists they would like to see introduced in Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

The options are Plunder Only, Crushing: All Game Types (Crushing reduces player health and disables Boosters), Crushing: Deathmatch Only, Skilled Objectives (all players start with Skill Level of 1 despite progress in Ranked playlists) and Deathmatch Variants Only (e.g. Sniper/Pistole, Pistols/Grenades, RPGs and Crushing).

"We can't guarantee that we'll be releasing the most popular playlist, but we really want to know what you'd like to see, so let us know what you want - vote and be heard!" insists the European PlayStation blog, and it's there you should comment to be counted.

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