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Sony accidentally leaks unannounced Helldivers 2 strategem

Powers strat be.

Helldivers 2 artwork showing four suited up helldivers standing in a row
Image credit: Arrowhead

An unannounced Helldivers 2 stratagem has leaked online, seemingly by a Sony email.

The unforced error – which came via an official marketing email sent out to Helldivers – proudly introduces the Airburst Rocket Launcher players unlocked after they successfully liberated Penta during Operation Legitimate Undertaking.

There's just one problem; the weapon in the image that accompanies the email isn't the Airburst… or, indeed, any weapon currently in the game. It's a gun no Helldiver has seen before.

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Without spoiling it further here, the weapon doesn't yet exist in-game, leading many people to believe it's either a planned sneaky tease of what's to come, or a mistake. I'll leave you to decide which.

Sony just leaked a new stratagem!
byu/p_visual inHelldivers

It's the latest in a litany of errors from Sony, starting with the infamous PSN debacle that kicked off earlier this year. At the start of May, Helldivers 2 publisher Sony announced players on Steam would soon be required to link a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to keep playing. This not only resulted in swathes of negative reviews from a very disappointed community, but the game was also pulled from sale in 177 countries where PSN was not available, forcing Sony to backtrack on its plans.

Perhaps as a consequence of this, Helldivers 2 – which is PlayStation's fastest-selling game ever – has recently seen its player numbers decline. A look at the game's Steam charts shows a steady drop since February, when the game launched. According to SteamDB, at its peak in February shortly after launch, there were 458,709 concurrent players. In the last 24-hours, the game had a peak of 53.5K players.

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios recently donated $4311 (£3397) to the Save the Children charity after Helldivers chose morality over manslaughter earlier this week.

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