Brutal, panic-inducing and hilarious, Helldivers is Arrowhead Game Studios' co-op madness at its best.

How to avoid Helldivers' progress-wiping bug

Don't let your controller die.

Arrowhead's latest top-down action arcade game Helldivers has launched with a series of bugs - and not the fun to kill splattery kind. One of these is particularly egregious as it wipes players' progress when their controllers die.

When I was growing up, I spent more money on the magazine Mean Machines than I actually did on the games it covered. Games were just games, after all. Mean Machines was a whole world, and the king of that world was Jaz Rignall, a quick-witted and amusingly-haired writer who always called things as he saw them.

Helldivers review

In the future, social anxiety will be weaponised. That is to say, in the future, social anxiety will have a lot to do with whatever weapons you'll be carrying around. Helldivers is a top-down shooter for up to four players, and it sees you blasting your way through procedurally-generated alien worlds as a cheery space fascist, spreading Managed Democracy across the universe. So far, so Heinlein. But this is also the latest game from Magicka developer Arrowhead Game Studios - a studio, right, whose logo shows an arrow going through somebody's head. In other words, you should expect a few quirks. The biggest of these is friendly fire: it is so terribly easy to shoot your own team-mates in Helldivers. It's so terribly easy to be shot by your own team-mates. Or stepped on by them if they've unlocked mechs. Hell really is other people.

Price and availability

Cross-Buy on PS3/PS4/Vita: 16.99

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