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Simple airbike makes travelling in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a breeze

Knight cycle.

Image credit: 2uncle2dane / YouTube

A design for an airbike in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has become hugely popular for its simplicity and ease of use.

Traversing the vast space of Hyrule (and the Depths) can be a bit of a slog on foot or horse, but one vehicle has easily solved this problem.

The airbike, as demonstrated by YouTuber Uncle Dane, only requires two fans and one steering stick, which can be easily gotten from Zonai Device Dispensers or found scattered about.

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Uncle Dane shows how to build to the airbike with Ultrahand, and the angles can be a bit fiddly. Lay one fan down so the blade side is on the ground (so the fan would propel itself itwards if turned on). Position the steering stick in between you and the fan, face it towards you and then angle it 45 degrees upwards. You then need to glue the steering stick to the fan as centrally as possible, and at the top of the outer rim. One glued on, it should stand up by itself and not be tilting to one side. Stick the second fan to the front of the steering stick so that it's facing downwards like the first one. Then Bob's your uncle! Or Dane, I suppose.

The finished airbike as viewed from the side. | Image credit: 2uncle2dane / YouTube

It might take a while to create the airbike correctly, but once you've done so you can easily recreate it from the history of Autobuild. The airbike flies straight and doesn't need a ramp to propel itself upwards. It steers very well too, meaning it's a great tool to get yourself somewhere quick. It only needs three components, so it'll cost you a cheap nine zonaite to create with Autobuild if there's no fans or steering sticks nearby.

After that, you'll probably want to increase your batteries so you can travel long distances. I'm going to make one of these when I play later today. Sorry Tulin, you've been superseded by the airbike.

If you're into tinkering with bigger vehicles, one Redditor has discovered you can use a Zonai portable pot as a ball and socket joint, which makes driving over rocky terrain much smoother. For more engineering inspiration, there's a fan-made Zelda DIY site dedicated to sharing builds.

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