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Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX is "the definitive edition of the adventure that started it all"

Plus a new mainline game is on the way, too.

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX
Image credit: Yacht Club Games

Yacht Club Games has announced Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX.

Described as the "definitive edition" "of the adventure that started it all", Shovel of Hope DX includes a number of new features – such as online multiplayer – and "fan-favourite" ones like Challenge Stage, Custom Knight, and Battle Ghost Arena.

Check out the announcement trailer embedded below:

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

You can also choose your champion from "20 iconic characters", each of which come equipped with their own unique playstyles.

"For the first time, use the power of Rewind to perfect your platforming skills or use Save States to pause and plan your next moves," Yacht Club teases. "With over 300 classic gameplay-twisting cheats, customise your experience to make it as challenging or as weird as you like. All these cheats can now be enabled simultaneously, offering endless ways to remix your adventure.

"Simply put, this is the definitive edition of Shovel of Hope. It's also our way of preserving the game's historical functionality, ensuring these elements remain available for future generations of players. And with the new multiplayer features and other enhancements, we hope it includes everything on your wish list.

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX is a tribute to a decade of pixel-perfect platforming, camaraderie, and epic adventures. Whether you're revisiting the game or joining us for the first time, prepare for an expedition re-shoveled and ready for glory!"

That's not all, though – Yacht Club also revealed a new mainline title is also on the way, too.

What's Next for Shovel Knight Teaser.Watch on YouTube

"We're committed to crafting an experience that not only honors the Shovel Knight legacy but also pioneers groundbreaking, innovative gameplay mechanics," Yacht Club said. "This isn't just another sequel - it's a bold new adventure that will launch Shovel Knight into an entirely new dimension of gaming.

"We're not quite ready to unveil everything just yet, rest assured, the game will bring electrifying action, richer mechanics, and all the timeless charm you expect from a Shovel Knight title.

"It's been four years in the making because we're dedicated to perfecting every pixel and ensuring that the innovation will redefine what a Shovel Knight game can be."

Our Chris Donlan slapped Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon a coveted "Recommended" badge, saying it was "a microsurgical blending of genres results in a lovely balance of precision and chaos".

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