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Shadow of the Eternals launches an actual Kickstarter "due to overwhelming popular demand"

With a suspiciously later deadline.

The ex-Silicon Knights devs at Precursor Games have added an actual Kickstarter to supplement its Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaign.

Previously, the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor only accepted donations through its official site. Those who donate that way will receive an exclusive "Whateley Expose," a digital collection of lore, manuscripts and clues from the clandestine Order of the Unseen.

Precursor also bolstered its event tiers so that the $100 Magikal Supporter reward now contains a digital art book and the Insane Supporter $5000 tier (which one person had claimed) now allows such generous backers the ability to contribute to the game's sanity events, artwork, music and storyline.

So why the Kickstarter? Precursor claimed it's "due to overwhelming popular demand," though one suspects the developer is struggling to meet it's goal with only $170,255 of its $1.5 million goal funded between both crowdfunding sites, and the Kickstarter's 19th June deadline is a couple of weeks later than the 7th June one on the official site, giving the fledgling dev more time to meet its goal.

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