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Silicon Knights' appeal against $9.2m Epic judgement fails

But is the company still around to pay damages?

Canadian studio Silicon Knights, developer of Eternal Darkness, Too Human and X-Men Destiny, has suffered another blow with the failure of its appeal against a judgement ordering it to pay Unreal Engine maker Epic Games $9.2 million in damages following a costly legal battle that began in 2005.

Shadow of the Eternals relaunches Kickstarter campaign, ditches episodic format

The Eternal Darkness spiritual successor Shadow of the Eternals failed to build much momentum in its cancelled crowdfunding campaign, but now developer Precursor Games is at it again, starting a new Kickstarter for the re-calibrated project.

So what's changed in the last month and a half, you ask? Well, it's no longer episodic for one. Initially Precursor wanted to make a 12 part series and it needed $1.5 million just to make the first episode of Shadow of the Eternals. While the developer insisted future installments would be cheaper, it still raised concern that the studio could fail to meet one of its later financial goals and leave the series incomplete. Now Precursor wants Shadow of the Eternals to be an 8-10 hour complete experience that focuses on just one story - in this case notorious serial killer Erzsébet Báthory and her handmaiden/lover Klára.

Additionally, Metal Gear Solid actor and X-Men screenwriter David Hayter has agreed to lend his vocal talents to the game as detective Paul Becker, a modern day Louisiana gumshoe who's investigating the case of two amnesiac massacre survivors that inexplicably want to kill each other.

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Shadow of the Eternals to relaunch Kickstarter campaign on 25th July

Precursor Games is relaunching its Kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals on 25th July, the developer has announced.

This will mark the fledgling studio's second or third attempt at funding the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor, depending how you count. Initially Precursor began a crowdfunding effort on its official site, but when that wasn't going so well it created a Kickstarter to run in tandem with it, extending the campaign's deadline. That too drastically under-performed until Precursor pulled the plug on both campaigns with only $284,000 of its $1.5 million target raised. It only had 13 days remaining of its 38 day campaign.

"We learned a great deal from our first campaign and we have made substantial changes to the structure of the campaign from both community feedback and observation," said the developer in a recent update.

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Shadow of the Eternals developer Precursor Games on its origins

Ex-Silicon Knights dev explains that the new studio isn't a front.

There's been a lot of confusion over Precursor Games' Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals. Formed by ex-Silicon Knights staff, many believe that it's simply a company in multimillion dollar debt that's tried to rebrand itself to avoid having to pay Epic for its licensing fees. Suspicion wasn't helped when the fledgling company started a Kickstarter in addition to its own crowdfunding campaign with a later deadline, suggesting the project was in trouble. So we decided to catch up with Precursor to see how it addressed these accusations.

Shadow of the Eternals launches an actual Kickstarter "due to overwhelming popular demand"

The ex-Silicon Knights devs at Precursor Games have added an actual Kickstarter to supplement its Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaign.

Previously, the Eternal Darkness spiritual successor only accepted donations through its official site. Those who donate that way will receive an exclusive "Whateley Expose," a digital collection of lore, manuscripts and clues from the clandestine Order of the Unseen.

Precursor also bolstered its event tiers so that the $100 Magikal Supporter reward now contains a digital art book and the Insane Supporter $5000 tier (which one person had claimed) now allows such generous backers the ability to contribute to the game's sanity events, artwork, music and storyline.

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Silicon Knights is "very busy" and "definitely alive"

Though declined to say how many people are left or where it's now located.

Eternal Darkness and Too Human developer Silicon Knights is "definitely alive," despite Epic Games' $4.45 million dollar lawsuit against the studio for Unreal Engine 3 licensing fees that resulted in all copies of Too Human and X-Men: Destiny to be recalled.

Eternal Darkness "spiritual successor" Shadow of the Eternals announced

Eternal Darkness "spiritual successor" Shadow of the Eternals announced

UPDATE: The crowdfunding page is up along with nine minutes of gameplay

Update 2: The Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaign has begun on its official site.

While the $1.5 million goal will only produce the pilot episode, Precursor Games noted that "future episodes of Shadow of the Eternals will be significantly less to produce."

The plot will surround detective Paul Becker as he interrogates two stereotypical looking men, a businessman and a punk, about a massacre of which they were the only remaining survivors. Both men's memories are wonky, but they inexplicably want to kill each other. The story will span 2500 hundred years over twelve episodes.

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