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Sean Bean will be killed off again, this time as Hitman 2's first elusive target

Take Alec at this trailer.

Everyone knows Sean Bean dies in (almost) every film he's in. But now you'll get to kill him yourself - as the first Elusive Target in Hitman 2.

Better known as Boromir, Sharpe or poor old Ned Stark, Sean Bean will appear in Hitman 2 as a former MI5 agent - in a very knowing nod to his classic role as 006 in GoldenEye. "I even managed to make them think I'd been blown up," Trevelyn - sorry, Bean - says in the trailer below:

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Elusive Targets are live missions within Hitman only available for a limited amount of time. You can only take on each mission once, ever. If you fail, that's it. No pressure.

Hitman 2 arrives on 13th November. There's no word yet when your window of being able to off Sean Bean will be.

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