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Sea of Thieves' next limited-time adventure Forts of the Forgotten starts Thursday

And there's a scene-setting new trailer.

After a bit of a pause while Sea of Thieves put its pieces in place for Season 6, the multiplayer pirate escapade will soon be embarking on its second adventure episode, Forts of the Forgotten, with proceedings getting underway this Thursday, 24th March.

As Rare detailed earlier this year, Sea of Thieves' new limited-time adventures will arrive on a monthly basis, each one propelling the events of an overarching narrative steadily forward. The first of these arrived (albeit in a somewhat underwhelming fashion) in February's Shrouded Islands update, which set the scene for adventures to come when a mysterious fog engulfed the now-deserted Golden Sands outpost and a key character in Sea of Thieves' lore, Belle, made her long-awaited in-game debut.

Following the events of that initial chapter, at least some of the strange, suffocating fog has retreated from the world - although Golden Sands outpost remains surrounded - leaving a sextet of Spanish-themed, phantom-occupied fortresses to infiltrate across the map. It's in one of these that Rare's scene-setting new Forts of the Forgotten cinematic trailer begins.

Forts of the Forgotten: A Sea of Thieves Adventure - Cinematic Trailer.

Here we find Wonda, sister to the once-human skeletal scourge of the seas, Wanda, kidnapped and imprisoned. After a spot of ghostly banter, the mysterious leader of Sea of Thieves' Reaper's Bones faction makes his entrance - and if you haven't been keeping up with current lore speculation, fans suspect this dubious fellow may well be the son of Sea of Thieves' main big-bad (and occasional giant floaty head) Captain Flameheart. What he might want with Wonda isn't immediately clear, but, as the trailer comes to a close and we see a masked and hooded Wanda stealthily sailing in, it seems a reunion is on the horizon.

Forts of the Forgotten will run from 24th March to 7th April. Beyond that, expect two more adventure episodes before Sea of Thieves' sixth season comes to a close, as well as the introduction of a new replayable Pirate Legend voyage - a sort of multi-part story campaign that's remixed with new challenges in different locations on each subsequent playthrough - which is due to arrive in the second half of the season.

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