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Sea of Thieves detailing "biggest year yet" in 2022 preview livestream this Thursday

As fifth anniversary nears.

Rare will be outlining Sea of Thieves' "biggest year yet" during a special 2022 preview livestream airing this Thursday, 27th January.

This isn't the first time we've heard that phrase, of course; Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate also teased the multiplayer pirate adventure's "biggest year yet" ahead of 2021 - a claim that seems entirely reasonable in hindsight, given that last year saw Sea of Thieves introducing everything from a sizeable map expansion beneath the waves to a wildly cinematic Pirates of the Caribbean crossover. And that's not even touching on the likes of new enemies, a new treasure burying mechanic, and more.

As for what treats 2022 may bring to the Sea of Thieves, Rare is currently remaining coy ahead of this Thursday's preview event, scheduled for 6pm in the UK.

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Eagle-eyed viewers may, however, spot a few cheeky teases in a new video released to promote the livestream. There's a quick glimpse of Golden Sands outpost, for instance, now apparently in ruin, alongside a ghostly statue on a beach, an immense stone fortress, and even the apparent introduction of a character Sea of Thieves lore fans have been awaiting for some time. As spotted on Reddit, the mysterious visitor shown in silhouette appears to be Belle, the Legend of the Deep, who featured in the game's promotional material long before its release.

Sea of Thieves is currently well into the latter half of its fifth content season, of course, with Rare poised to hold the game's first-ever Community Day on 30th January. This will include in-game rewards, Twitch drops, and a special community initiative on Twitter giving players the means to boost in-game gold and reputation multipliers up to three-and-a-half times the usual amount. Ideal if you're looking to mop up those last few levels of the current seasonal progression track.

And beyond that, there's season six, which is likely to straddle a significant milestone as the game hits its fourth year of release this March. Hopefully we'll be given a couple of clues as to how we'll be celebrating out on the Sea of Thieves when Rare loosens its lips (and possibly sinks some ships) this Thursday, 27th January.

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