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Respawn moves to reassure concerned Titanfall 2 players after security vulnerability reports cause panic

Hack job.

Respawn has moved to reassure concerned Titanfall 2 players after reports of a security vulnerability caused some to uninstall the game.

Respawn tweeted to say it was investigating the reports, which emerged yesterday and caused something of a panic within the Titanfall community.

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Respawn then followed that tweet up to say its engineers believe they're dealing with "a simple exploit that can be used to crash games".

"We do not believe there are any more serious risks to affected players or their machines," Respawn stressed.

The panic appears to have been sparked by an announcement from a member of the NoSkill Community Discord (this is the one set up by the current operators of the SaveTitanfall website).

This announcement, from NoSkill's DirectXeon, claimed: "Titanfall 2 is currently considered compromised."

"Please DO NOT launch it at all," the message, still online within the Discord, continues. "There are reports of a bug in the game that allow local code execution from the server. Assuming hackers have control of Stryder's Admin Panel (TF2 and Apex Servers), that could leave both your computer and your console vulnerable to exploits by launching the game. All platforms are affected. What exactly they could do is still unknown but we're pinging everyone because running the game as of now is a severe security risk.

"We will follow up with more information once we have something more concrete. Until then please stay safe and don't launch the game."

It's the latest issue for a game that has suffered a series of high-profile problems for years now.

In August, we reported on a community investigation that claimed the recent Apex Legends "SaveTitanfall" hack was part of an elaborate scheme to revive a cancelled Titanfall spin-off.

On 4th July, Apex Legends on PC was hacked to display the URL "", with the subheader, "[Titanfall 1] is being attacked so is Apex."

This came after Respawn's Titanfall games experienced DDoS attacks in May. The original Titanfall has experienced multiplayer issues on PC for several years, and it was only in April that Respawn publicly announced it would properly address the problems.

In its latest message, Respawn said it'll issue an update as it learns more.

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