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Resistance 2 gets solid UK date

LocoRoco 2 gets a TBC one.

Sony's semi-official UK blog, Three Speech, has published a list of first-party PS3 releases dates that puts Resistance 2 in our gun-hungry hands on 28th November.

The Insomniac-penned first-person shooter is out in the States next Tuesday, but until now Sony has been coy about confirming the exact timing for Europe.

The good news for you lot is that it has been less coy about giving us review code, which should enable us to bring you our thoughts around the time of the US release.

Also on Three Speech's release schedule are SingStar Vol. 3 and SingStar ABBA (both 14th November), and LocoRoco 2, which is down for 21st November, albeit to be confirmed.

For more Resistance 2-related fun, check out the Resistance 2 US TV advert we posted this morning. It's got a bit of gameplay in it, in case you haven't already seen it.

Not as much as all the other content on our Resistance 2 gamepage, though, obviously.