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Resident Evil Village's second "performance patch" brings "minor fine-tuning" on PC

But will it be enough?

A performance patch for Resident Evil Village on Steam is rolling out next week.

In a brief tweet on the developer's official social media channels, Capcom said this update - the second in the developer's fight to stabilise the horror game on PC - fixes an issue where "certain" unspecified CPUs were "unable to launch the game", as well as the "minor fine-tuning of certain graphical processes", although what, exactly, graphical processes the update will address.

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A few weeks back, hackers hit the headlines by insisting that the stuttering and dropped framerates experienced by players on PC were caused by the game's own anti-piracy measures - something Digital Foundry was able to test and prove, too.

Will "minor fine-tuning" be enough? We'll have to wait until the update rolls out on 24th August to find out, I guess.

As Richard explained over on Digital Foundry recently, it took Capcom "74 days from launch to release a patch to address the performance issues of the PC version of Resident Evil Village - an update Capcom had to deliver in the face of revelations that the pirated/cracked version of the game ran nigh-on flawlessly".

"it's difficult not to feel that Capcom could be doing so much more for PC users already reeling from the news that anti-piracy measures sabotaged the game they'd bought and paid for," he said.

ICYMI, Capcom has now sold 4.5m copies of Resident Evil Village. That's a steady uptick from the last couple of sales milestones announced by the publisher - 3m when it launched back in May, and then up to 4m after 20 days.

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