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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - walkthrough and game guide

Our walkthrough for each episode of the new Resident Evil.

The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is out now on all platforms, and you'll be able to pick up the remaining three episodes over the next few weeks. It's certainly a bold new approach for the series, and whether the game suffers from being separated into two-hour doses is something we won't be able to judge until we have our hands on March's concluding episode.

Between now and then though, we're putting together a walkthrough to help you navigate the puzzles and perplexities of each episode on a week by week basis. We'll make sure this guide is fully updated to match the release dates of each chapter, so don't forget to check back as the staggered release plays out.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Ep. 1: Escape the cell, find Moira and survive the mutant attack
The first part of our walkthrough explains how to track down your friend, then survive an encounter with the rather less friendly mutant.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 walkthrough

As the first episode begins, you're treated to a dramatic opening cinematic featuring a lavish dinner party, some new-old friends and the mother of all gatecrashers. Sadly, that's the last you're going to see of the high-life for some time, and things take a turn for the deadly just as soon as you - stepping into Claire Redfield's shoes - awaken in a dank prison cell, far from home.

Find Moira Burton

Head out of the cell and begin following the broken rail track down the tunnel to the right. Soon, you're greeted by the frantic cries of your good friend Moira Burton, coming from somewhere up ahead. Keep on moving toward the source of the noise.

Once you round the bed, approach Moira in the first cell to the left and interact with her - the door opens and Moira joins your party.

Now slightly less lonely, head through the newly-opened gate at the end of the passage and continue forward until you reach the door bathed in an ominous red glow. Interact with it to move into the large chamber festooned with creaking chains and dangling bodies.

Continue following the rail tracks as they wind around the room's perimeter to the left and interact with the hole in the ground to leap over it. Directly ahead, there's a metal ladder to climb so make your way up, shuffle along the ledge nearby, then drop back down onto the tracks below.

The next broken track is impassable so take the passage to the left and turn left again up the steep incline a little further along. At the top, you're greeted by the sound of terrified screams and foreboding splashes of blood on the walls as you follow the path around to the right.

Get your hands on the knife

Make a note of the blue door to the left, then continue along the corridor. As the path bends to the right, there's a small alcove immediately to the left. Duck inside and examine the nearby table to retrieve a convenient knife - a feeble but no less welcome form of defence against the horrors to come. There's also a flashlight, which Moira will grab for herself.

Wind back and pass through the blue door you noted a little earlier. Once you've surveyed the carnage beyond, make your way to the broken glass window at the end of the room and use a melee attack to shatter the pane, creating a handy thoroughfare to the next area.

Leap over the divide and swipe the 'Rules for Monitoring Test Subjects' document from the shelves nearby. There's little else of interest to see here, so exit the room via the closed blue door next to the desk. Out in the corridor, take a left along the passage, then - once you reach the locked gate - take another left and head through the door at the end.

Now the horror cliches are really starting to pile on. A blinking fluorescent light illuminates an abandoned hospital gurney nearby and flickering shadows dance through the gloom. Proceed along the corridor and navigate the debris blocking the route ahead. Next, follow the on-screen prompts and begin pushing the empty shelving out of the way.

Surviving your first fight with a mutant

Brace yourself for a shock though: as you attempt to clear a path, a crazed mutant launches itself directly at you. Thankfully, you're protected by the shelving in your grip so swing your knife wildly until the creatures runs away. Resume your shunting and, once the corridor is accessible, follow it (and the escalating shrieks) along.

You'll get another glimpse of the gnarled mutant immediately upon entering the next room. Give chase through the door to the left and follow the linear route around.

There's a health-restoring Green Herb sitting on the floor beyond the security gate ahead, so grab it and work your way through the inventory tutorial. With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, push along the corridor, heading past the belching steam pipes, and continue into the next room.

A little way inside, you discover another tangle of shelving, this time framing an ominous trail of blood. Duck under it to proceed, then head out the doorway to the left.

Back outside, approach the illuminated steel shutters at the end of the corridor and interact with them to pass on through. It seems that the source of the screams has met a sticky end here and it's sad faces all round.

Feeling just a tad glummer, push forward and take note of the steel door illuminated by a red light ahead. Sadly, it's locked so its time to buckle down and start hunting the Experiment Block Key.

- Read on for the next part of our guide which explains how to find the Experiment Block Key.