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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 2 walkthrough

Our complete walkthrough for the second episode of Revelations 2.

The second episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 kicks off with a bar-room brawl, and then doesn't really let up until you finish the final showdown with a drill-wielding boss. Following on from last week's complete walkthrough for Episode 1, here's our guide to making it to the halfway point of this episodic series without coming unstuck.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Ep 2: Explore the village, fix the chopper, then find the Battery and Fuel
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Following a brief recap of the previous episode's events, it's time to rejoin Claire and Moira as they venture deeper into their island surroundings. The action begins in a rundown bar located in the centre of a secluded fishing village. Our plucky duo have a few moments of peace in which to catch their breath and become reacquainted with some old friends.

Before long, however, you'll be given some distressing news and your adventure takes a much more frantic turn. Shortly after, Gabe - one of your new companions - will open the door and beckon you outside. You can follow him in a moment but, first, it's worth exploring the bar.

There's a Cloth and an Odorous Chemical on the shelves towards the back of the bar, an Empty Bottle, two Decoy Bottles and a barrel containing a Firebomb Bottle in the adjacent room, plus a Fishing Village Map and a barrel containing some Handgun Ammo at the top of the stairs. Finally, there's a workbench on the ground floor, should you need to switch weapons or perform any upgrades.

Once you're suitably equipped, follow Gabe out of the front door, take a right and and help him open the main gate in the distance. There's a downed helicopter on the other side, so head on over and get ready to begin your search for a Battery and some Fuel.

Where to find the Fuel

Head back through the main gates and take a right just before you reach the bar, passing between the two buildings nearby. Note that there's a small chest located up the metal steps to the left, but you require Natalia's small hands to open it later on in the episode.

You'll be attacked by another mutant as you continue forwards between the buildings, so take him out with a head-shot, then duck into the small building on the right. Inside, you'll find an Exploding Bottle on the ground and a small crate containing Handgun Ammo.

Leave the building and continue right until you reach the wall. On the right, you'll find the entrance to the Fuel Depository but the passage through is blocked right now. Make a note of its location and begin your search for a drill so you can get inside.

Finding Pedro

Turn around and head forwards with the rock wall on your right, then follow the alleyway as it bends around. Once you approach the doorway on your left, you'll hear the sounds of a drill rattling to life. Looks like it's your lucky day!

Pass through the doorway and leave the building via the opposite entrance. When you're back outside, follow the small path dead ahead as it winds between the rocks. There's a locked chest at the end, so switch to Moira and complete the unlocking mini-game to retrieve a Parts Box.

Take control of Claire once again, follow the small path back into the village, then take a right. Move toward the large blue building in the distance and turn left as you reach it. Pedro is up ahead, so talk to him and prepare for a demonstration of his drill.

Make your way through the freshly-opened doorway and explore the interior to locate the 'Traveler's Diary' document on a shelf, plus an MP-AB50 on the floor next to the corpse. There's also some hidden Shotgun Ammo in a corner and some hidden Handgun Ammo beneath the stove - but you'll need Moira's torch to retrieve them.

Leave the building then talk to Pedro again. Once you do, he'll follow obediently along behind you. If you're craving Machine Pistol Ammo, check the crate around the corner of the building you just explored and look behind the blue building nearby.

How to kill the hammer-wielding mutants

There are two large, hammer-wielding mutants hiding behind the blue building - one directly in your path and another meandering further along the beach. Just as you did back in Episode 1 and concentrate your shots at their gaping flesh to bring them down quickly. Note that destroying the small crate behind the blue building will reveal a Natalia-shaped hole which comes into play later.

With your ammo reserves bolstered, make sure Pedro is still with you, then backtrack toward the Fuel Depository. Once there, let him get busy with his drill and prepare to be ambushed by a number of mutants who'll be drawn to your position by the noise. Most of them are easy enough to deal with, but don't let the large, hammer-wielding creature catch you off-guard. If you're hit with its weapon and start to bleed, you can fashion a makeshift Tourniquet from a Cloth and a Green Herb.

Once Pedro's task is finished, enter the Fuel Depository and grab the Handgun Ammo from the barrel ahead. Explore the small alcove just to the right of the doorway and break the barrels to liberate two Green Herbs, an Exploding Bottle and a Firebomb Bottle.

Turn around and approach the opposite wall with the big yellow sign, then glance to the left to uncover some hidden Handgun Ammo in the corner. To the right, there's some Shotgun Ammo perched on another barrel - grab it then follow the passageway around to the left.

Head cautiously through the doorway and immediately deal with the mutant hiding to the left. When he's dead, grab the Fuel from the far end of the room. That just leaves the Battery to find.

How to locate the Battery

Leave the Fuel Depository and take a left, following the path back to the bar. From here, turn right and immediately take a left when you reach the end of the building. Use the platform ahead and climb onto the grassy ledge, swiping the Topaz (100BP) from the barrel nearby. Continue moving around the blue building until you spot the broken step ladder leading up to the roof.

Interact with it to switch over to Moira. From the roof, drop down into the room below via the large hole ahead of you. Take the Gunpowder from the shelf on the left, then make your way through the blue door. Try your hand at the unlocking mini-game to open the crate on the ground - it contains an Expansion Bag, which will allow Moira to carry more items at once.

Be warned: as soon as you move further into the room, a hammer-wielding mutant will drop down into the corridor outside. You've little means of defending yourself while playing as Moira, so grab the Empty Bottle from the ground and the Battery from the nearby shelf as fast as you can.

Next, dash back out into the corridor and follow it around to the left, leaving the building via the red door up ahead. As soon as you get outside, switch control to Claire and take down the creature with a couple of shotgun rounds to the chest. With peace restored, grab the Red Herb tucked away around the corner of the building, then make your way back to the helicopter site. Finally, hand over the Fuel and the Battery in order to proceed.

- Read on for our guide to surviving the bar siege.