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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 3 walkthrough

Our complete walkthrough for the third episode of Revelations 2.

There are a couple of tasty boss fights to get stuck into as you progress through the third episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2, not to mention a fiddly puzzle or two. Our complete walkthrough for the game continues with a guide to how to beat every single challenge in Episode 3.

If you're struggling with an earlier episode, take a look at the links further down the page.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS4 vs PC Comparison

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Ep 3: Get inside the factory, kill the resurrecting mutant and find the Processing Plant Key
Our walkthrough for the third episode begins with a quick guide to getting inside the factory and tracking down the Processing Plant Key.

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It's time to rewind time once more as we rejoin Claire and Moira six months in the past. At the base of the Overseer's tower, the plucky pair find a note from Neil, guiding them toward the abandoned factory on the horizon. Head down the steps and take a right when you reach the road. Follow it forward and pass through the shuttered door at the end.

On the other side, the factory looms in the distance. Press on forward and smash the crate as you reach the small white building on the left. Continue onward and, when you reach the barred gate, make a right, heading through the blue doors nearby.

Once through you'll find the route back is blocked, leaving you with no choice but to press further into the complex. There's a crate over in the far corner to the left - smash it, return to the entrance and then follow the path to the right. As you reach the factory yard, the Overseer will ominously welcome you to the 'Kierling' - “where all things come to an end”.

Get inside the factory

There are three possible exits from the clearing: one to the right, one directly ahead, and another through the blue doors to the left. At present, however, the doors to the right and ahead (both sporting large red lights) are locked, with the latter requiring a retina scan to proceed.

Make your way to the doors ahead and switch to Moira. Enter the alcove on your left and complete the unlocking mini-game to secure the Machine Pistol Ammo Case. When you're ready, head toward the blue doors you spotted earlier.

Here, you'll find Neil's ID badge, dangling from a statue of Prometheus that blocks the doorway. After you've had another chat with the Overseer, the door directly behind you (now sporting a green light) will unlock. Turn around and head on through.

Inside the building, you'll find a Shotgun TAP194 perched on the reception desk to the left. There's also a workbench placed a little way ahead. When you're ready, continue to the end of the corridor, take a right and head through the blue door nearby.

As you reach the next junction, head left and slip down the corridor to your right. For now, you can safely ignore the small corridor leading off to the right from here; the locked door at the end requires the Processing Plant Key to open. Instead, head forward and pass through the yellow door on the left at the end of the main passageway.

Kill the resurrecting mutants

As soon as you enter the kitchen, you'll disturb a mutant hiding behind the shelves in the centre of the room. Deal with him as usual, but be warned: shortly after 'dying', he'll resurrect as one of the exploding monstrosities you dealt with in the previous episode. Keep your distance and fire off a shotgun round to bring him down quickly.

Next, return to the earlier junction and this time take a right. There's a small waiting area immediately to your right (concealing a hidden item between two leather chairs) and a locked metal doorway to your left. To pass through here, you need the Processing Plant Key so, for now, push onward along the corridor.

Note the staircase leading up to the right, then enter the bathroom directly ahead. Take a right, proceed up the steps and loot the toilet cubicles. When you're ready, return to the staircase you noted earlier and head on up to the first landing.

The yellow door directly ahead requires a retina scan in order to open. Leave it for now and continue along the landing, taking the first right when you reach it. From here, move directly ahead and enter the bathroom.

Up the stairs, you'll find another mutant in the third cubicle. Take him down but be prepared for him to resurrect. Once he's dead - again - take the Green Herb nearby and leave the bathroom.

As you return to the previous area, immediately head right and move down the long corridor before you. You'll pass a blue door on the right (locked from the other side) and a larger room at the very end. Move toward the double doors bearing the fancy insignia up ahead, then switch to Moira in order to retrieve the hidden item from the cupboard on the right.

Where to find the Processing Plant Key

Next, pass through the doors and into a cage-like room sporting a suspiciously spiky ceiling. There are two statues up ahead - one containing an Artificial Eye and another holding the Processing Plant Key. As soon as you grab the Artificial Eye, the door behind you seals shut and the booby-trapped ceiling begins to descend.

In order to retrieve the key, swipe the Artificial Eye and wait until the spikes fall low enough to shatter the bird statue. Immediately replace the Artificial Eye to reset the trap and grab the Processing Plant Key from the ground.

- Read on for our guide to surviving the laser trap room.

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