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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 4 walkthrough

Our complete walkthrough for the final episode of Revelations 2.

The final episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is out now, and the conclusion packs in plenty of puzzling - alongside some ferocious firefights - to make sure the adventure ends with a bang. If you come unstuck at any point, take a look at our comprehensive walkthrough, which should should help you out of even the tightest of pinches.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Ep 4: Explore the tower, lower the walkway, confront Alex and escape
Our walkthrough for the final episode begins with a tour around the tower.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 4 walkthrough

As the final stretch of this epic, mutant-infested adventure begins, we join Alex Wesker in the midst of her dastardly, Natalia-corrupting machinations. Somewhere below, Claire and Moira thunder towards her position in the elevator we last saw in Episode 3. As the cut-scene ends, our plucky duo enter the distinctly futuristic innards of Alex's omnipresent tower.

Head along the metal walkway until you reach the door at the end. Step on through and explore the Overseer's impressive-looking control room. Examine the television screens nearby, then turn around and follow the room around to the right.

Open up the sluice gate

Before passing through the door, examine the nearby lever. Pull it to activate a sluice gate somewhere outside, changing the direction of the water. When you're done, head through the closest door and slip beneath the staircase to grab the Sapphire (500BP). Next, climb the steps and make your way through the door at the top.

Fancy aquariums line the walls of the next room. Swipe the 'Notes on the Transfer Procedure' document from the table, the 'Neil's Report' note nearby, and the 'Thoughts on Kafka' note on a table against the far wall. Finally, grab the Ruby (250BP) lodged down the side of the chair and smash the vases to stock up on ammo.

How to lower the walkway

With your supplies bolstered, head through the open doorway and step out onto the platform. Before you can reach the next area, you need to lower the walkway to the right. Return to the previous room and look for the fish tank illuminated by a red light. Push it to the left and yank the lever behind to lower the walkway outside.

Next, head back out to the platform and start making your way around the perimeter of the room, following the newly created route. At the top of the steps, pass through the sliding double doors and approach the unusual-looking wall ahead. Now it's time for a quick, exposition-heavy chat with Alex before things take a turn for the urgent.

How to escape from the tower

Your immediate task is to escape the tower - so head through the doors and, as the building collapses around you, begin retracing your steps all the way back to the elevator at the start. Once you reach your destination, the elevator takes a tumble, so locate the fallen pipe on your left and start working your way down. Once you reach the walkway below, follow it all the way to the end, then head through the door.

Inside the generator room, take the left-hand walkway to locate the breakable crate and a workbench. When you're ready, backtrack and follow the walkway to the right until you reach the sealed gate in the centre of the room. To proceed, whip out your weapon and shoot the two locks holding it shut. Continue forward and climb down the ladder.

Killing the invisible bugs

At the bottom, keep moving along the walkway and smash any crates that you spot along the way. As soon as you reach the junction, an invisible bug makes its presence known. Unfortunately, you can't see it without Natalia in your party - so you're going to need to shoot blind. Look down the walkway on the right and aim a few shots at the air just above the cardboard boxes. With any luck, you should hit the bug and bring it down.

Head forwards and follow the walkway around as it bends to the left. Immediately stop and locate the left-hand walkway a little way ahead. There's a second invisible bug loitering just above the railings at the junction, so fire a few shots to finish it off. Finally, continue forward and work your way down the ladder to the next level.

At the junction, make a left and follow the walkway around. There's another invisible bug just beyond the stack of three boxes, so take aim and bring it down. Take a left at the next junction and follow the path around until you spot the door ahead. Make your way through.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to survive the countdown section of Episode 4.