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Resident Evil 7 - Yard, Old House explored, where to find the Burner flamethrower, Crank and Crow Key

A complete walkthrough and guide to each area in Capcom's survival horror adventure.

It's time to explore the Yard and Old House - new areas in Resident Evil 7 - now the Dog's Heads and Morgue boss fight is out the way, adding a few new items to your roster, including the rather handy Burner and Crow Key.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our complete Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide.

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Exploring the Yard

Once you have placed all three Dog's Heads in the Main Hall door, you can leave the front of the Main House and explore the Yard.

First, stay on the porch and get the Herb and Gunpower on the left side. Come back to the door, and investigate the pot on the right of the steps for a Lockpick. Now turn right into the corner, and find an Antique Coin on the pot in the grass.

Staying in front of the house, there is also a panel between the two sets of stairs you can uncover to find a secret passage with a Repair Kit. To the west of that, tucked away in the corner behind some bushes, is a Shadow Puzzle. You can't solve this yet - you have to wait until you access the Kid's Room and Attic for a specific item a little later in the adventure.

Approach the Trailer. There's a Mr Everywhere head underneath just where you enter, and inside, there's a few more things to collect; a Broken Handgun on the bed, the 'Zoe's Investigation Notes' file on the pinboard, and an Antique Coin on the table.

Other points of interest include a VHS player, Item Box and Save Point, and most interestingly, birdcages where you can spend Antique Coins. By now you should have enough Antique Coins to buy at least one of these:

  • 3 Coins - Steroids (increase max health indefinitely)
  • 5 Coins - Stablizer (reloading speed increases indefinitely)
  • 9 Coins - 44 MAG (a lot of kick back, and a lot of stopping power)

If you are looking to sort your inventory, we'd recommend keeping hold of your knife, but feel free to deposit the Scorpion Key (provided you have the Shotgun, which is the only thing it's used for) as well as the Handgun and Shotgun (don't worry, you can retrieve it again fairly soon and won't need it until then).

Attempting to leave the safe house will see the phone ring behind you as once before. Pick it up, and after the conversation, step back out into the Yard. Head down the north east path, over the bridge and you'll come to the Old House. Smash the crates on the right with your knife to get some Handgun Ammo, then step inside.

Exploring the Old House

If you played the Mia Tape earlier, this will be somewhat familiar to you. In the Entrance, get out your knife and swing away any large insects that come into your path. You can go into the Living Room on the right, but it's filled with insect nests that are difficult to clear right now.

Instead, go left and north, through the door by the watery expanse in the middle of the room. In the Guest Room - with the 'She's upstairs, don't go up' on the wall - there is a nest with a swarm that will attack as you approach. You can destroy it with your current weapons, but for now run through the room to the door on the other side.

In this corridor (where in the Mia Tape you hit behind the crate) go right into the room. Scour the Dining Room cupboards and wardrobes for consumables - we found Solid Fuel and Shotgun Shells - while the Lockpick drawer contains a Med Pack. You can also swipe away at the spiders on the locker for more items, such as Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.

How to find the Burner flamethrower and Old House safe house

Go north through the door to outside. Immediately turn right on the porch, and at the end collect the Psychostimulants and a Lockpick. Now head up the walkway then turn right, and in the Water Station outhouse, collect a Herb and Burner Nozzle, the first part of a Flamethrower.

Head back into the house, go east back through the Dining Room to the corridor, then take the east door to the Gallery, getting the Old House Map on the table to the left and swiping through the large insects that come through the window.

Run through the Gallery to the outside and get the Burner Grip. Combine it with the Burner Nozzle you retrieved from the Water Station to make the Burner. You can make more ammo by combining Chem Fluid with the Solid Fuel you'll find throughout the house. There's also some Shotgun Ammo and a Chem Fluid on the right too.

Head west, and you'll find a safe house just across the bridge. As well as an Item Box and a Save Point, there is a Backpack on the desk that adds four more slots to your inventory - perfect timing for all the Burner equipment we've just started amassing. There's also a Mr Everywhere head to the left of the Item Box, too.

Heading to the Cellar and evading Marguerite

Now you have the Burner, it's time to investigate the Living Room, which is through the Gallery and Dining Area (or right to where you entered the Old House). The nest and their swarms by the fireplace causes some problems, but the Burner can make short work of it. There's a Solid Fuel in a drawer by the front door if you want it, then head through the passage.

Before you head through the door, behind the wooden pallet on the left wall is a Mr Everywhere statue, and the left of the door is an Antique Coin.

In the cellar, approach the fence on the right for a cutscene, then get the Stone Statuette from the table.

You need to head to the gallery, but as you can see by taking the door through the Dining Hall, Marguerite is in the way. Go via the Entrance and the Guest Room, and in the following corridor, she'll be waiting round the corner on the left.

She will walk towards you from here - go left round the crate to successfully hide.

As you did with the Mia Tape, hide behind the crate here, and she'll ignore you and walk through to the other room, leaving the way clear to the Gallery. Once there, and place the Stone Statuette on the plinth, and rotate it round until it resembles the spider on the wall, solving the Venomous Predator puzzle.

Venomous Predator shadow puzzle

Where to find the Crank and Crow Key

Slide through the back wall area that follows, and on the other side. Get the Solid Fuel and Herb that follows, and then you have two routes - the basement or the stairs. You cannot go upstairs without the Crow Key - though you may as well as read the 'Marguerite's Warning' file pinned to the right of the Crow Door - so head through to the basement.

The basement is a short crawl space where you will find the Crank, a Mr Everywhere figure (on the shelving to the left) as well as some consumables. Use the Crank on the pulley just ahead from where you emerge back out of the basement to raise a bridge back to the Entrance.

You can also use the Crank in the north east of the Old House to raise a bridge in the swamp to an out house. Marguerite, of course, will be in the way.

Direct confrontation is to be avoided, and we found doing via the Guest Room to the Dining Room, getting spotted, then looping back round the Entrance and to the Dining Room from the south moved her position.

However you get there, use the Crank and you'll find the Crow Key as well as an Antique Coin on top of the toilet in the outhouse. You'll now want to make the journey back across the house and use the Crow Key. You'll probably encounter Marguerite again, but take the other route through the rooms to avoid her.

Want more help? Our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions on how to survive the main story, as well as finding the Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and the game's many Lockpicks and Treasure Photos. Meanwhile, our Antique Coins locations, Mr Everywhere statue locations and File locations lists will help you find every available collectible on Normal and Easy difficulties.

Marguerite pit encounter and the Altar room

Before you use the Crow Key, however, heal up and make sure you have plenty of Burner ammo, as when you do, Marguerite will appear and push you down a pit. Use the Burner in controlled bursts up in her direction just as she preps a swarm, incinerating the insects and damaging her, too. After 3-4 waves of this, she'll fall into the hole and, well, dissolve. Use the ladder directly ahead to climb out before the gung damages you, and proceed through the door.

Now you're in the Old House 2F and accessed the Altar. Open the case in front of you, making sure to read the file on the lid to log 'Serum Documentation'. Answer the phone, then go right to continuing exploring the Altar room.

The north room has 'Marguerite's Notebook' on the desk and some Shotgun Shells in the drawer, and to the east, is a set of scales next to the door (make sure you also collect the Mr Everywhere statuette on a central table and Antique Coin in the corner drawers).

Looks like you need a lantern to rest of the scales - similar to the one Marguerite had, right? Retreat back out of the Altar and to the 1F of the Old House, and look down the hole to see Marguerite scurrying away down an underground passage. Follow her, and you'll emerge outside another house - the Greenhouse - in the Yard, which is the home of the Mutated Margurite boss fight. Read on for how to prep for - and survive - the encounter.

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