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Resident Evil 7 - Mia Tape and how to not get caught by Marguerite

A complete walkthrough and guide to each area in Capcom's survival horror adventure.

Resident Evil 7's Mia Tape is one of several optional VHS tapes you'll encounter as you explore the game, flashing back to previous events in the shoes of other characters, and giving you a tease of areas to come.

The Mia Tape - which you'll find in the Recreation Room in 1F of the Main House - has a simple objective - avoid Marguerite's Pursuit. It's an intimidating prospect, but following a few simple steps will see you survive intact.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our complete Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide.

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How to not get caught by Marguerite in Mia's Tape

You have to explore the Old House without Marguerite finding you, otherwise it's game over. Ignore interacting with any items along the way, and make sure you stay out of her vision. The following steps will see you reach the end.

When you enter the house ahead, go left and enter the door to the north.

Go through the room to the only other door on the eastern side.

Turn the corner slowly, and Marguerite will come through the door ahead. Walk back round the corner, and crouch behind the box until she passes through the door on the right. Don't follow her in there, but through the door she came from to the west.

Crouch behind this box to avoid Marguerite.

Run through past the shadow puzzle to the walkway that's outside, and hide as far into the right corner as you can. Though Mia will say 'No, don't come over here' after Marguerite's speech, if you're tucked away enough, she won't find you.

Stay here to be out of sight.

Wait until she has finished talking and the coast is clear, head inside and interact with the metal object on the plinth. Rotate it using the two sticks until it resembles the spider on the wall; it shouldn't take long to find a similar match, and keep tweaking until it's just right.

Confirm when done, and the wall should open up. Slide between the walls to the next area with the flooded section in the middle.

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Marguerite will appear ahead when you walk forward. When she does, crouch and hide behind the debris straight ahead. She'll walk slowly around this debris in a circle; you can break away as she walks north in the direction of where you emerged from the wall, so use this opportunity to head to the far corner and down into the basement level.

Head to the end, and after a few moments, the lights will go out, ending the tape.

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