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RE7 Not a Hero - Black Shutter, moving minecarts, Clown Door Key location and Ventilation Room laser room puzzle

Explore the third and final Shutter and get that elusive Clown Key.

Not a Hero's Black Shutter area has you move minecarts, solve a Ventilation Room laser room puzzle and finally get your hands on the Clown Door Key.

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Exploring the Black Shutter area and moving minecarts

Once you have fully explored the Green Shutter and avoided the turrets on the way out, you can safely explore the Black Shutter. Be sure to save in the Central Cavern, and spend any Antique Coins you have on the bird cages for upgrades. Steroids might be a good shout to top up your maximum health.

You now have a single shutter left to explore, the one at the bottom of the stairs. Open this Black Shutter and the Night Vision Device you picked up from the Storage Area will allow you to explore what's inside.

Avoid the floor trap on the left side (it's the black panels on the ground) and smash the crates in the right alcove for some ammo, and an Antique Coin on the pot of paint in the back.

There are more floor traps that follow; if you go left, you can use the Lock Pick you found in the Storage Area to open the toolbox for RAMROD ammo. Continuing through the cavern will reveal several laser traps; crouch or walk past them to avoid setting them off. Note there is a non-laser trip wire after the two vertical lasers that's very easy to walk into.

Open the door at the end to take off Night Vision and be inside the Departure Yard. Go round the other side of the minecart and push it through the wooden gate to smash it open.

Follow it round into the Holding Yard, where there are four minecarts to be pushed. Do them in this order:

  1. Push the one closest to where you entered out of the room in the direction you came in
  2. From where you entered, push the right-most one into the southern most wooden gate, and take down the limbless Molded that emerges
  3. Push the one to the left of where you entered to the west wooden gate

This will create a clear path to a door on the east side, taking you to a corridor with a Clown Door and a room to the Repair Yard. Go through the latter.

Clown Door Key location

The Repair Yard is a spiral that leads to a table with a clown in the centre. On the way in the south west corner is some blue crates, with an Antique Coin.

When you reach the middle, get the Clown Key and the room will fill with Lickers. Sprint past them all back outside, and take a right, using the Clown Key on the Clown Door, into a Night Vision section. Mop up any Molded or Lickers that follow and continue.

The following corridor is filled with laser traps, You can duck under most of these, otherwise use regular ammo to shoot any in the way.

Ventilation Room laser room puzzle

If you thought that was dicey, the following room has even more, and a single detonation - on purpose or otherwise - will spell an instant game over.

Thankfully, it looks worse than it is - crouch and take the outside edge of the room round - up the incline and dropping down into the corner - and continuing round while looking for clear gaps in the lasers, until you are close to the soldier Marquez in the middle.

However, if you approach, a cutscene will play that will spell game over - so you need to find a way to deactivate the traps first.

Go out into the middle but don't approach Marquez; instead work your way round the path into the far corner, where there is a switch on the wall. Activate it to power down the traps.

Smash the two crates next to you (we found RAMROD ammo inside one of them) then approach Marquez, who will lead the way out. Follow and after the cutscene, a countdown timer will start. In ten minutes, the bomb on your arm will blow. You have plenty of time, so no need to rush or panic.

Before you head up the ladder, grab the easily missed Antique Coin in the corner.

The ladder will take your back to the Departure Yard. Go right back through the passage, where the laser traps have been replaced by Molded.

Simply sprint past the lot back to the Central Cavern, where you'll learn about liquid nitrogen to disarm the bomb in time.

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