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RE7 Not a Hero - Find liquid nitrogen to deactivate the bomb before the timer ends

Finally deactivate that explosive on your arm in Not a Hero.

Not a Hero teased this moment for sometime - it's time to deactivate the bomb before the timer ends, which requires you to find some liquid nitrogen.

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Find liquid nitrogen to deactivate the bomb before the timer ends

Once you have fully explored the Black Shutter, found the Clown Door Key and solved the Ventilation Room laser room puzzle, you have a countdown for the bomb on your arm.

After reaching the Central Cavern, you'll learn about the liquid nitrogen that can disarm it.

From the Central Cavern, head into the Red Shutter, sprinting past the Molded and into the elevator to make your way back up to the Mining Work Area (the same place you used the Crank and Gear earlier).

Now you have the Clown Key, you can enter the door in the far corner.

Head through the following door and you'll come to a minecart track. Though the way to go is left, but won't go there yet; there is actually a hidden area to the right you can crouch through, where you'll find a lot of useful ammo and consumables, including a Steroid and an Antique Coin.

Head back through and go left, and you'll hear the liquid nitrogen is just through this room. Before you can progress you have to take down the towering White Fat Molded.

White Fat Molded fight

If you played the main game, this is not unlike the battles against the regular Fat Molded. Use the RAMROD ammo to down it, followed by punch (when the prompt comes on screen) to give it a good wallop.

Keep your distance and when you run out of RAMROD ammo, use Grenades and other high impact attacks to whittle its health down. If you run out, then there is ammo dotted around the edges you can pick up.

If you run out of time in the fight, then you should restart just before this room, allowing you to grab the supplies to the right which can make a difference. Otherwise, assuming you saved back in the Central Cavern, make your way here without attacking enemies to save both time and ammo, which should also help.

Once it is down, there are crates marked with yellow tape and some colourful language at the end, which can finally be interacted with. Pushed out the way, the liquid nitrogen tanks lie just beyond, putting an end to the countdown.


Next is the task of finding Lucas, who is located in a room behind the shield machine - and arguably the toughest section of the DLC.

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