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Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero walkthrough: A guide to completing Chris Redfield's DLC chapter

A step-by-step guide to completing the challenging post-game storyline.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero is a bonus, free-to-download chapter released almost a year after the main game debuted.

The DLC, which sees you play as familiar face Chris Redfield, aims to tie together some long time series threads into the seemingly isolated story of Resident Evil 7.

It's also set after the story ends, so expect spoilers for the main game, as well as some of the most challenging combat scenarios we've seen yet.

This Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero walkthrough will provide a complete guide to completing the story, and tips to survive outside of the main step-by-step instructions.

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Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero walkthrough

Though there is a central hub that teases branching paths, like the main game the DLC is linear, and goes in the following order:

And if you need a refresher on the main game, our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough can help.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero guide to playing the bonus DLC chapter

Though the DLC adopts many of the mechanics and enemies you've encountered in the main game, Chris Redfield (and returning antagonist Lucas) offers some new tricks.

  • One of the early new mechanics is surviving contaminated areas. If you are low on oxygen, simply retreat to a safe area to replenish your supply and continue exploring.
  • Chris has a useful punch attack when enemies are staggered, with an on-screen prompt letting you know it can be performed. Use this whenever you can to save on ammunition.
  • You'll discover in the story a new, more powerful variant of the Molded that requires specific ammo. You'll find this in the course of the story, but it is in very short supply, though the game tends to give you just the right amount of a tough challenge ahead. Our walkthrough above specifies where to get said ammo and when to use it. Otherwise, everything else - including the final boss - can go down with regular rounds.
  • It's well worth avoiding combat whenever you can get away with it, helping you save precious ammo and in certain circumstances that require it, time.
  • As mentioned above, though there is a central hub (the aptly named Central Cavern) the story is fairly linear. It branches out from three Shutters, so if you go through one and it's quickly apparent you cannot explore further, you will need an upgrade from somewhere else first.
  • As with the main game, heading to 'safe' areas will see enemies despawn. So if you are exploring the Shutters, are overwhelmed early on, retreating back to the Central Cavern can give you a reprieve.
  • The Not a Hero DLC length is around 90 minutes to two hours on a first playthrough.

Also as mentioned above, the Not a Hero DLC is set after the main story ends, so for spoiler reasons it's worth waiting until you've seen the ending first.

Additionally, this offers some of the toughest combat challenges to date, so having full understanding of the mechanics by finishing the game will really help you.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero unlockables

If you want to continue playing Not a Hero once done, there are a few extra things to unlock.

  • Normal unlockables: A tougher Professional difficulty (which has its own Trophy / Achievement) and Thor's Hammer Sight B.
  • Professional unlockables: Infinite ammo, Easy Deflect

Note the above will only work in the DLC, and not carry over into the main game.

There are also Antique Coins and Files to find. While there are no Trophies or Achievements that unlock with finding them, they give you permanent upgrades (find the bird cages up the stairs in the Central Cavern) and additional story information respectively. The walkthrough above showcases all of these as we go.