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Red Steel 2 to arrive this autumn

WMP controls to make difference, says Ubi.

Ubisoft plans to release Red Steel 2 exclusively on Wii this autumn.

The sequel's key addition is Wii MotionPlus support, which Ubisoft reckons will make the sword-fighting and gun-shooting much more fun. The Wii remote add-on can gauge the power of sword thrusts as well as their accuracy, apparently.

We've known Red Steel 2 will include WMP controls since last summer, and the capabilities of the new Nintendo technology are also no secret to us.

But any other information on Red Steel 2 - besides the desert metropolis setting - is scarce.

Red Steel 1 was a Wii launch title back in December 2006, and offered a glimpse at what was possible on the new Nintendo machine. Head over to our Red Steel review to see what we thought.

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