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Rage 2 free on Epic Games Store next week

You better believe id.

Punky purple post-apocalyptic shooter Rage 2 is the next free title available for PC via the Epic Games Store.

id Software and Just Cause developer Avalanche Studio's fun but underloved sequel will be available to claim from 18th to 25th February, the same dates as top-down indie racer Absolute Drift.

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Rage 2 has racing of a different kind, with Mad Max style road combat and shooting. The game's gunplay earned itself points in Eurogamer's Rage 2 review, though Vikki Blake wrote that its open-world setting ended up letting the rest of it down.

"So much of this promising collaboration between id and Avalanche is unremarkable," Vikki wrote, "but it's salvaged by bloody, brilliant combat."

Last night brought word of numerous games headed to the Epic Games Store in the near future - including the Kingdom Hearts series as a PC exclusive, Axiom Verge 2 and more.