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PSone duo on PS3/PSP Stores

Plus MotorStorm Double Track Pack.

The PSone duo of N2O and Hardcore 4X4 are the highlights on the PlayStation 3 Store in Europe this week along with the new MotorStorm "Double Track Pack". All three of those things handily cost GBP 3.49, so I don't have to remember too many numbers.

The two PSone games also make themselves available through the PSP Store, and remember that whichever you buy them from you can always transfer them to your PSP as well as your PS3 - providing you don't exceed five downloads, anyway. How many copies do you want? Honestly.

The PS3 Store also says hello to some videos (PixelJunk Monsters and Devil May Cry 4 trailers) and four free Devil May Cry 4 wallpapers.

Not content with that (and we're not really content with that), if you fire up your secret squirrel US PS3 Store account you can access a pair of PAIN themes, rather more videos and a pair of downloadable games (Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for PSone at USD 5.99 and Ape Quest at USD 9.99 per level or bundled for USD 19.99).

Remember you'll need a US credit card though. If you've got one, there's more detail on the US PlayStation blog.

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