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Yet more MotorStorm downloads

Mirror tracks, new songs, more.

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Evolution Studios has pumped yet more free downloadable content into MotorStorm in the form of mirrored racetracks, a couple of new songs and some other tweaks.

Perhaps most practically appealing (and to be fair quite long overdue) is the 2D car-selection screen, which will finally reduce the strain of waiting for the 3D cars to rumble up onto the little selection pedestal before each race.

And while the mirrored tracks are for online multiplayer only, that's half the fun of playing MotorStorm anyway, so deal with it! Or, if you don't buy that, hopefully they will be made available offline too.

The 3.1 patch (for it is he/she/it) also introduces a new proximity meter for MotorStorm mode, and the names of the two additional songs are Devil's Crossing by Elite Force and Beat The Devil by Jiffster.

MotorStorm certainly hasn't been suffering from a dearth of downloads since its launch alongside the PS3 in late March; as you can see from our gamepage, Evo has been pumping premium and free downloadable updates into its oily racing mitts the whole time.

The game isn't bad either - one of the PS3's best in fact, and well worth revisiting if you've not tried out any of the sprawl of downloads thrown up since you last played it.

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