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Resistance maps, more on PSN

Destruction Derby PSone too.

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Follow us into the magical land of the PlayStation Store and you should see a whole bag full of new treats, including new maps for Resistance, new cars for MotorStorm, new content for Sonic and even a couple of PSone games to play on your PS3 or PSP.

Tom seems to be most excited by the addition of Destruction Derby (GBP 3.49) to the line-up of PSone games available for PS3 and PSP. Kula World (also GBP 3.49) is the other one.

Those are also available from the new PC-based PSP Store (games with dual compatibility can be downloaded from either location irrespective of where you pay for them).

Overflowing next from the sack of snacks is a multiplayer demo for TimeShift, the shooter where you can do all sorts of things to clocks to help you kill your enemies.

Then there is oodles of added content for existing games. First are fresh missions, boss and team attacks for Sonic at GBP 1.99 a squeeze, followed by the new maps Bracknell and Axbridge for Resistance: Fall of Man. But it wouldn't be complete without a pair of new vehicles for MotorStorm, so new Samurai and Quickfoot things are now available to cavort around in.

Elsewhere you can enjoy some trailers for Uncharted, Pain, Smackdown vs RAW 2008, Blazing Angels 2 and Assassin's Creed.

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