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Here's where to pre-order Sony's new InZone headsets and monitors

The H3 headphones are available to buy now.

Sony haven't dabbled much in gaming accessories beyond some essentials, but that changed recently with the announcement of a new range of premium gaming headsets and monitors. These InZone products are a perfect match for PlayStation 5 and PC gamers.

These products are slowly being released in the coming weeks. Right now, the InZone H3 headset is available to buy for £89 from Amazon. This is their most budget-friendly offering, providing the company's signature spatial audio through a reliable wired connection. The InZone H7 are a wireless pair of headphones, complete with Bluetooth support and a Discord-certified microphone, ensuring your friends and foes will hear you clearly. It's due for release on 9th July for £199.

And if money is no object, the high-end H9 headset also packs a great microphone, plus active noise-cancellation and an ambient sound mode. It's due to arrive on July 10th for £269.

It should be noted that the PlayStation-branded Pulse 3D wireless headset first introduced with the PS5 release remains available for £81. If they do end up being discontinued, they could be reduced further, but these are a great option for PS5 and PC gamers who want an immersive, wireless audio experience.

With gaming monitors, the InZone M9 is a 27-inch beast packed with all of the features you'd expect from a high-end display: 4K resolution, a fast 144Hz refresh rate, VRR support and an adjustable stand. It's due for release on August 18th for £999. The InZone M3, a 1080p gaming monitor, is expected to release later in the year and is currently unavailable.

This is Sony's first attempt to re-enter the PC market in some form after spinning off the Vaio computing division. And it makes sense given the revamped PS Plus Premium tier includes the ability to stream PlayStation games on PC.

Sony InZone H3 gaming headset - £89 from Amazon UK

In the US, you can reserve a pair from Best Buy for $100.

Sony InZone H7 gaming headset - £199 from Amazon UK

Those wishing to pre-order in the US can reserve a pair from Best Buy for $230.

Sony InZone H9 gaming headset - £269 from Amazon UK

US folk can reserve a pair from Best Buy for $300.

Sony InZone M9 gaming monitor - £999 from Amazon UK

We don't expect to see any discounts on Sony's new InZone series on Amazon Prime Day, but if you're after something that's friendlier to your wallet, check out this Acer Predator monitor. It's a beefier 31.5-inch 4K panel, but with similarly high-end features such as a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR400 support, available for £699. And if you're fine with full HD, this Dell monitor has a high-quality IPS panel and a speedy 165Hz refresh rate, available for £190.

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