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Pokémon Isle of Armor - escaped Slowpoke locations: How to find the three Slowpoke and outfit for the first Dojo challenge

A quick explainer for the three missing Slowpoke locations.

Finding three missing Slowpoke is the first of your three tasks that you'll be asked to complete by Master Dojo leader Mustard.

Thankfully, this one's extremely simple. Here are the three Slowpoke locations and how to catch them.

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Pokémon Isle of Armor: missing Slowpoke locations - how to find the three missing Galarian Slowpoke

You'll need to find and return three escaped Galarian Slowpoke in order to pass the first of Mustard's three trials in the Isle of Armor DLC. Here's where to find them.

All three are in the Soothing Wetlands location - just north from the Dojo itself - so head there first, and you'll already be able to see two.

First Galarian Slowpoke location

The first one is straight ahead and just to the right as you enter the Soothing Wetlands. Look for the big cloud of smoke speeding around in circles.

Second Galarian Slowpoke location

The second is also easy to find, right in front of you again and just to the left, again doing circles kicking up a cloud of dust behind it.

Third Galarian Slowpoke location

The third Slowpoke's location becomes obvious once you've caught the second. It's just past it, further west towards the beach - keeping going that way and you'll see it soon enough!

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How to catch the three rapid Slowpoke and return the Dojo outfit

One thing that might not be immediately obvious to you is how to actually catch the Slowpoke themselves. Thankfully, it's nice and easy.

If you stand and watch the Slowpoke as they're running, you'll notice they're running in a fixed loop. That means you can simply stand in their way as they go, and they'll run right into you.

You'll then need to beat it in battle - which should be simple enough - and then it's already 'caught'. It'll automatically return to the Dojo once defeated, so you don't need to use any Poké Balls at all. Each will give you a part of the Dojo outfit that was intended for your rival, so you don't need to do anything more after beating the three of them to get that, either.

Once all three are defeated, head back to the Dojo to get your reward - a choice of a Bulbasaur or Squirtle that, when evolved into Venusaur or Blastoise, can Gigantamax!

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