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Pokémon Sword and Shield TR List and how to get TRs explained

A list of all the TR's and their Watt cost.

TRs, also known as Technical Records, are a way to teach Pokémon a move or attack in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Just like TMs, each TR is dedicated to one specific move, which it allows you to teach to a specific group of Pokémon. Unlike TMs in Pokémon Sword and Shield, however, TRs break after one use.

There are 100 TRs in Pokémon Sword and Shield for you to collect and utilise.

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How to use TRs in Pokémon Sword and Shield

TRs are basically old school TMs and by that we mean that they break after one use.

This means you need to decide carefully which Pokémon you want to use each TR on or be prepared to hunt down the TR again. Not every Pokémon can learn every TR, however, so this does make the selecting process slightly easier.

To access your TRs, open the X menu and then your Bag. Now just need to scroll along to the TMs section; despite the name, you'll be able to find your TRs here.

Open your Bag to find your collection of TRs.

TRs stand out against the TMs by being black discs, rather than white. Once you've found the TR you wish to use, select it and then the option to 'Use this item.' This will now allow you to select the Pokémon in your party, which you want to learn the new move.

You can easily know which Pokémon can learn a TR and which ones can't by looking at your party line-up on the left-hand side of the screen.

If the phrase 'Cannot learn' is next to a Pokémon, then they can't learn the move from this TR. Instead, you want to find a Pokémon with the words 'Can learn' next to them, because, as this suggests, this Pokémon can learn this move. If the phrase 'Knows this move' is present, then that Pokémon already knows this TR and can't learn it again.

Each gallery can have its own caption.

The quickest way to find the TR you need is to organise them by number, because this will neatly divide up your TM and TR collection. To do this simply press X for sort and then the option 'By number.'

Organise your TRs and TMs by number to make them easier to find.

Where to get TRs in Pokémon Sword and Shield

There are two main ways to find TRs in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

Let's talk about the Rotom Rallyists first. There are seven Rotom Rallyists in the Wild Area, and each one carries a different selection of TRs, which changes daily.

This means that if you're after a particular TR, then it's a good idea to check each Rallyist's stock daily.

Each TR will cost you a certain amount of Watts ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 Watts.

Each Rotom Rallyist will have a different selection of TRs.

The second way to find TRs is to successfully complete Max Raid.

Once you've defeated, and hopefully, caught the Pokémon you were battling in a Max Raid, you'll receive a number of rewards. This may include a TR, which will be determined by the type of the Pokémon you were battling.

This means that if you were battling a grass-type Pokémon, then you're more likely to receive a grass-type TR or maybe even multiple copies of that TR.

Since there's no cap on how many Max Raids you compete in each day, there is also no cap on the number of TRs you can earn either.

You will, however, be gifted one TR during your Pokémon journey.

When you're visiting Motostoke, talk to the man standing outside the record shop, which sits just before the bridge near the Pokémon Centre.

He will give you the TR 13 Focus Energy and give you a small explanation about how TRs work.

Talk to this man to receive TR 13 - Focus Energy.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield TRs list

Here's a full list of all 100 TRs in Pokémon Sword and Shield. If you are sourcing from Rotom Rallyists, their Watt cost ranges from 2,000 to 8,000:

TR No. TR Move NameTypeEffects Damage
TR00Swords DanceNormalRaises Attack by 2 stages.N/A
TR01Body SlamNormalHas a 30% chance of paralysing opponent.
If target has used Minimize, the damage of this move will be doubled.
TR02FlamethrowerFire10% chance of burning opponent.90
TR03Hydro PumpWaterN/A110
TR04SurfWaterIf opponent is using the move Dive, this attack's damage is doubled.90
TR05Ice BeamIce10% chance of freezing the opponent.90
TR06BlizzardIce10% chance of freezing the opponent.
100% accurate if weather condition is hail.
TR07Low KickFightingDamage becomes greater, the heavier the opponent is.
Move doesn't effect Dynmax Pokémon.
TR08ThunderboltElectric10% chance of paralysing the opponent.90
TR09ThunderElectric30% chance of paralysing the opponent.
50% accurate in harsh sunlight weather condition.
100% accurate in rain weather condition.
Move hits opponents using attacks like Fly or Bounce.
TR10EarthquakeGroundHits targets using attacks like Dig and deals double damage to them.100
TR11PsychicPsychic10% chance of lowering opponents Special Defence by 1 stage. 90
TR12AgilityPsychicRaises Speed by 2 stages.N/A
TR13Focus EnergyNormalIncreases chance of future moves being critical hits.120
TR14MetronomeNormalUses one move randomly chosen from all the moves a Pokémon could learn.N/A
TR15Fire BlastFire10% chance of burning the opponent.110
TR16WaterfallWater20% chance of making opponent flinch.80
TR17AmnesiaPsychicRaises Speical Defence by 2 stages.N/A
TR18Leech LifeBugRestores user's HP by an amount equal to half of the damage dealt to the opponent.80
TR19Tri AttackNormal20% chance of either paralysing, burning or freezing the opponent.80
TR20SubstitueNormalDeplete a quarter of user's max HP to create a substitue that protects user from lower status or status inflicting attacks.
Substitute takes damage for user, until it runs out of HP.
If the user dynamaxes, the substitute vanishes.
TR21ReversalFightingThe move deals more damage, the lower the users HP becomes.N/A
TR22Sludge BombPoison30% chance of poisoning the opponent.90
TR23SpikesGroundDamages Pokémon when they're sent out on opposing side.
Can be used two times to increase damage.
Inflicts 1/8 of max HP on first use, 1/6 on second use and 1/4 on third use.
TR24OutrageDragonAttacks two to three times, refusing to tell player change move.
User becomes confused afterwards.
TR25PsyshockPsychicDamage dealt is calcuated by the opponents Defence.80
TR26EndureNormalLeaves the user with 1HP when hit by a move that would normally knock it out. Moves becomes more likely to fail, the more its used.N/A
TR27Sleep Talk NormalOnly works when user is asleep.
Randomly uses another of the user's moves.
TR29Baton PassNormalAttacks once for each Pokémon in your party, expect for those either with status conditions or fainted,N/A
TR30EncoreNormalOpponent forced to continously reuse the last move it used for 3 turns.
Dynamax Pokémon unaffected by this.
TR31Iron TailIron30% chance of lowering opponent's Defence by 1 stage.100
TR32CrunchDark20% chance of lowering opponent's Defence by 1 stage.80
TR33Shadow BallGhost20% chance of lowering opponent's Special Defence by 1 stage.80
TR34Future Sight PsychicDamage is dealt to opponent two turns after this move is used.120
TR35UproarNormalUser makes uproar for 3 turns.
No Pokémon can sleep during this.
TR36Heat WaveFire10% chance of burning opponent.95
TR37TauntDarkPrevents opponents from using status moves for 3 turns.N/A
TR38TrickPsychicSwaps user's and opponent's held items.N/A
TR39SuperpowerFightingLowers user's Attack and Defence by 1 stage.120
TR40Skill SwapPsychicSwaps user's and opponent's Abilities.
Doesn't work on all Dynamax Pokémon.
TR41Blaze KickFire20% chance of burning opponent.
More likely to deliver a critical hit.
TR42Hyper VoiceNormalN/A90
TR43OverheatFireLowers opponent's Special Attack by 2 stages.130
TR44Cosmic PowerPsychicRaises user's Defence and Special Defence by 1 stage each.N/A
TR45Muddy WaterWater30% chance of lowering opponent's accuracy by 1 stage.90
TR46Iron DefenseSteelRaises user's Defence by 2 stages.N/A
TR47Dragon ClawDragonN/A80
TR48Bulk UpFightingRaises user's Attack and Defence by 1 stage each.N/A
TR49Calm MindPsychicRaises user's Special Attack and Special Defence by 1 stage each.N/A
TR50Leaf BladeGrassMore likely to be a critical hit.90
TR51Dragon DanceDragonRaises user's Attack and Speed by 1 stage each.N/A
TR52Gyro BallSteelMove becomes more powerful the slower the user is compared to their opponent.N/A
TR53Close CombatFightingLowers user's Defence and Special Defence by 1 stage each.120
TR54Toxic SpikesPoisonInflicts poison status on opponents who appear on opposing side.
Using move twice inflicts the badly poisoned status condition.
Effect ends if opponent sends out a poison-type Pokémon.
TR55Flare BlitzFireUser takes 1/3 damage dealt.
10% chance of burning opponent.
If user is frozen, this will thaw them, allowing them to continue fighting.
TR56Aura SphereFightingN/A80
TR57Poison JabPoison30% chance of poisoning opponent.80
TR58Dark PulseDark20% chance of making opponent flinch.80
TR59Seed BombGrassN/A80
TR61Bug BuzzBug10% chance of lowering target's Special Defence by 1 stage.
Strikes target even if its using Substitute.
TR62Dragon PulseDragonN/A85
TR63Power GemRockN/A80
TR64Focus BlastFighting10% chance of lowering target's Special Defence by 1 stage.120
TR65Energy BallGrass10% chance of lowering target's Special Defence by 1 stage.90
TR66Brave BirdFlyingUser takes 1/3 damage dealt.120
TR67Earth PowerGround10% chance of lowering target's Special Defence by 1 stage.90
TR68Nasty PlotDarkRaises user's Special Attack by 2 stages.N/A
TR69Zen HeadbuttPsychic20% chance of making opponent flinch.80
TR70Flash CannonSteel10% chance of lowering target's Special Defence by 1 stage.80
TR71Leaf StormGrassLowers user's Special Attack by 2 stages.130
TR72Power WhipGrassN/A120
TR73Gunk ShotPoison30% chance of poisoning opponent.120
TR74Iron HeadSteel30% chance of making opponent flinch.80
TR75Stone EdgeRockMore likely to be a critical hit.100
TR76Stealth RockRockDamages Pokémon sent out by opponent.
Damage is Rock-type and therefore subjective to type matchups.
TR77Grass KnotGrassDamage increases the heavies the opponent is.
No effect against Dynamax Pokémon.
TR78Sludge WavePoison10% chance of poisoning opponent.95
TR79Heavy SlamSteelDamage increases the heavier the opponent is.
If opponent has used Minimize, then the damage is doubled and the attack is a sure hit.
No effect against Dynamax Pokémon.
TR80Electro BallElectricDamage increases the faster the user is compared to their opponent.N/A
TR81Foul PlayDarkUser turns opponent's strength against them.
Damage is calcuated using the opponent's Attack rather than the user's.
TR82Stored PowerPsychicDamage increases by 20 (max of 860) for each stage the user's stats have been boosted.20
TR83Ally SwitchPsychicA high-priority move.
Users switches places with an ally during a Double Battle.
This will fail if used during a Single Battle or Max Raid.
TR84Scald Water30% chance of burning opponent.
If the user is frozen when this move is used, they'll be thawed and the status condition removed.
TR85Work UpNormalRaises user's Attacl and Special Attack by 1 stage.N/A
TR86Wild ChargeElectricUser takes 1/4 of damage dealt.90
TR87Drill RunGroundMore likely to be a critical hit.80
TR88Heat CrashFireDamage increases the heavier the opponent is.
If opponent has used Minimize, then the damage is doubled and the attack is a sure hit.
No effect against Dynamax Pokémon.
TR89HurricaneFlying30% chance of confusing the opponent.
100% accurate in the rain weather condition and 50% accurate in harsh sunlight.
Will hit opponents in the sky, due to using moves like Fly or Bounce,
TR90Play RoughFairy10% chance of lowering opponent's Attack by 1 stage.90
TR91Venom DrenchPoisonLowers Attack, Special Attack and Speed of opponent if their afflicted with poison or badly poisoned status conditions by 1 stage each.N/A
TR92Dazzling GleamFairyN/A80
TR93Darkest LariatDarkIgnores stat changes of opponent when dealing damage.85
TR94High HorsepowerGroundN/A95
TR95Throat ChopDarkOpponent can't used sound based moves for two turns.
Doesn't affect Dynamax Pokémon.
TR96Pollen PuffBugRestores 1/2 of alley's max HP.
Move becomes more damaging when used as a Max Move.
TR97Psychic FangsPsychicNot affected by Aurora Veil or Reflect.
Removes the effects of Aurora Veil, Light Screen and Reflect.
TR98LiquidationWater20% chance of lowering target's Defense by 1 stage.85
TR99Body PressFightingDamage dealt by move is calculated using the user's Defence rather than the user's Attacl.80

Looking for more moves? Check out our list of TMs, and their locations, in Pokémon Sword and Shield for more help in creating your ideal Pokémon team.

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