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Pokémon Go's ticketed global summer finale detailed

Free to those with June Go Fest entry.

The big summer finale to Pokémon Go's season of Go Fest events has been detailed in full.

Due to take place on Saturday 27th August, this full-day event will cap off the game's introduction of Ultra Beasts and (hopefully) see its hunky Professor Willow return after being left dramatically MIA.

The event has plenty for those playing free, or extras for those with a ticket. These premium bits are also included as part of the earlier Global Go Fest weekend back in June - so if you played that, you're covered.

Ticket holders will be able to catch Sky Forme Shaymin.Watch on YouTube

If not, a ticket for the eight-hour event's extra offering will cost £9.49, with ticket holders able to gift friends (or second accounts) additional tickets for around a fiver.

Four sets of special wild spawns will be offered to all players, themed around the four Ultra Beasts made available through the summer at the global Go Fest and at the game's three in-person festivals - such as the one in Berlin which Eurogamer travelled to.

Bug Pokémon will be available from 10am to 12pm themed aroud Pheromosa, with others themed around Buzzwole from 12-2pm, Xurkitree from 2-4pm and Nihilego from 4-6pm local time. A new costumed Pikachu wearing a Shaymin-inspired scarf will be featured throughout.

Each two-hour window will see the corresponding Ultra Beast offered in raids, with the final two hours offering all four. All players will get a short Special Research story to complete from 10am.

Ticket holders will get three additional Special Research questlines, which will grant free cosmetic items and a Sky Forme Shaymin.

These additional quests will be made available through the day every two hours (though once you have the first, there's no rush to complete it to get the others). These will presumably offer more detail on the Ultra Beasts - and what's happened to Willow.

Ticket holders also get nine free raid passes, Unown and other rare spawns via Incense, a chunky 5k XP bonus for in-person raids, two-hour incense, half hatch distance on Incubators and other bonuses.

The event should cap off an entertaining summer for Pokémon Go, and I'm intrigued to see how the arrival of the Ultra Beasts will be left. There's plenty more still to debut, of course... though seemingly not this season.

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