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Pokémon Go - Search terms for the Pokémon storage search bar explained

Every search term you need to quickly search through and organise your Pokémon storage.

Pokémon Go has a range of search terms that allow you to quickly find that special creature in your Pokémon storage. Considering you can store up to 2,500 Pokémon, this is not a feature you want to neglect.

You can search for Pokémon by their name, Pokédex number, moveset and type, among many others. You can even find out which Pokémon in your storage have enough Candies to evolve.

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How to access and search your Pokémon storage in Pokémon Go

Before you can start searching through your Pokémon storage, you need to be able to access it.

This is the Pokémon storage button.

Reaching your Pokémon storage is easy; all you have to do is, when in Map View, touch the Main Menu button, which resembles a PokéBall.

This will open up the Main Menu, where you'll find a range of options, including your Pokédex, the game's settings and the in-game news feed.

We want the Pokémon button, which has a Pikachu silhouette.

Now you've opened your Pokémon storage, you'll want to select the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner to access the search function.

Selecting the magnifying glass will open a small text box where you can type in various search terms, which help you find the Pokémon you're looking for.

How to search for Pokémon by name in Pokémon Go

The easiest way to that one special Pokémon in your storage is to search for it by name.

Check out the various search terms you can use below.

Searching forTerm Example
Specific Pokémone.g. Absol
Specific nicknamed Pokémone.g. Fred
By evolutionary familye.g. +cyndaquil

How to search by Pokédex entries in Pokémon Go

Sometimes you can't remember the Pokémon's name; what you can remember, however, is where it comes in the Pokédex.

Pokémon Go not only allows you to search for Pokémon by their Pokédex entry, but also allows you to search by a range of Pokédex numbers, allowing you to hunt down that Pokémon.

Searching forTerm Example
Specific Pokédex entrye.g. 25
Range of Pokédex entries e.g. 13-17
Pokémon above a specific Pokédex entrye.g. 13-
Pokémon below a specific Pokédex entrye.g. -21

How to find specific types of Pokémon in Pokémon Go

There are a range of different types of Pokémon to be found in Pokémon Go and we're not just talking about elemental types.

You can hunt down shiny Pokémon, rescue Shadow Pokémon from Team Go Rocket and unlocked mythical Pokémon by completing Special Research tasks, among many others.

With all these different types and forms of Pokémon filling up your storage, it can be hard to find the one you want. Thankfully there are a range of search terms to help you quickly find the type of Pokémon you are looking for.

Searching forTerm
Specific Pokémon typee.g. ice
Alolan Pokémonalolan
Egg-exclusive Pokémon e.g. Togepieggsonly
Hatched Pokémonhatched
Lucky Pokémonlucky
Legendary Pokémonlegendary
Mythical Pokémonmythical
Purified Pokémonpurified
Shadow Pokémonshadow
Shiny Pokémonshiny
Special Event Pokémoncostume
Traded Pokémontraded

How to search by Pokémon status in Pokémon Go

This is a bit of a weird one. There is the option to search Pokémon by their status, but there are only three options - Pokémon that can be evolved by using items, Pokémon that are currently in Gyms and Pokémon that are ready to be evolved.

Searching forTerm
Pokémon that evolved using an itemitem
Pokémon that are eligible to be evolved evolve
Pokémon defending a gymdefender

How to search by Pokémon stats in Pokémon Go

Planning to fight in a Raid or battle rival teams in a Gym? Either way, you'll want to know which Pokémon in your storage are the strongest.

A quick way to way to find the cream of your Pokémon crop is to search by either CP (Combat Power) or HP (Health Points).

Searching forTerm Example Screenshot
CP (Combat Power)e.g cp3311
Range of CP levelse.g cp500-1000
Pokémon above a specific CP levele.g. cp2000-
Pokemon below a specific CP levele.g. cp-1000
HP (Health Points)e.g. hp50
Range of HPe.g. hp90-100
Pokémon above a specific HP e.g. hp100-
Pokemon below a specific HPe.g. hp-100

If you like breaking down your Pokémon's stats, you can also search by the individual star tiers that applied to Pokémon through the Appraisal system.

Each star tier relates to the Pokémon's IV levels - Attack, Defence and HP. The higher the star tier, the higher the IV levels.

Searching forTerm
No Stars0*
1 Star1*
2 Stars2*
3 Stars3*
Maxed out IVs4*

How to search by Pokémon moveset in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go also allows you to search for Pokémon by their moves - be it the type of moves they use or by a specific move itself.

Searching forTerm ExampleScreenshot
Specific move@thunder
Specific move type@fire
Weather boosted moves@weather
Second charged move unlocked!@3m

It's the the Season of Timeless Travels in Pokémon Go, so make sure you complete the Timeless Travels quest! The Road to Sinnoh is leading us into this weekends Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event, while also bringing the Masterwork Research: Glimmers of Gratitude quest. During it, take the time to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

How to specialise your searches in Pokémon Go

You can specialise your searches in Pokémon Go in a number of ways, such as combining two different searches.

Like with Google searches, this is achieved by using two logical operators - AND and OR. Unlike Google, Pokémon Go uses a variety of symbols to help you create these searches.

Purpose of SearchSymbolExampleScreenshot
To combine search results & |fire&fighting
To do multiple searches, : ;water;electric
To exclude Pokémon from searches!!grass

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