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Pokémon Go now has more Pokémon than any main series game

Form up.

Pokémon Go's Paldea event image showing the region's Starter Pokémon.
Image credit: Niantic

There are now more Pokémon to collect in Pokémon Go than in any of the franchise's main series games.

Today's new Pokémon Go in-game event adds a menagerie of creatures from the franchise's fictional Paldea region, featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, bringing the total number of species available in Pokémon Go up to a whopping 814.

That's more than the record number of Pokémon available to use in any main series game, with the most being 809 in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Watch as we battle Guzzlord - one of the Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Go.Watch on YouTube

Up to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, every main series Pokémon game featured data for every Pokémon species released up to that point. But the series' following games - Pokémon Sword and Shield - did not, a controversial decision commonly referred to amongst fans as "Dexit".

The Pokémon Company has maintained that approach ever since, with subsequent releases such as Scarlet and Violet bringing back some older species - but not all.

Developers from the franchise have stated it is now impossible to include all Pokémon from the entire series in any level of quality with each release as there are now so many available.

The official Pokédex count for the series currently stands at 1020, including 10 species as-yet unreleased in Scarlet and Violet but soon to be made available through its upcoming expansions.

And this number does not include the many additional regional variations, forms, Mythical formes, Mega Evolutions, Gigantamax forms, and gender differences - which make for an even longer list of creatures to cater for overall.

Will Pokémon ever let you actually catch 'em all? With around 200 species still to be added, Pokémon Go is currently as close as you can get.

For more on which Paldean species you can now collect, here's our Pokémon Go Paldea species guide.

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