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Pokémon Go Minccino Limited Research event and how to evolve it into Cinccino explained

Everything you need to know about Minccino's special event in Pokémon Go, including how to get a Cinccino.

Minccino has become the fourth Pokémon in Pokémon Go to have it's own Limited Research Day.

With this chinchilla Pokémon's arrival, you also have the opportunity to add Cinccino, it's evolution, to your Pokédex too.

Just like Lotad, Clamperl and Feebas before it, throughout the event period you'll be able to complete special Minccino Limited Research tasks to unlock the chance of catching a Minccino.

Though Niantic has confirmed Minccino will be available in the wild after the end ends, this is a good opportunity to get easy Minccino spawns for when it debuts, adding both it and its evolution Cinccino to your Pokedex - as well as the opportunity of a possible shiny.

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Minccino Limited Research Day in Pokémon Go explained

The Minccino Limited Research Day will run on Sunday 2nd February 2020 from 2pm to 5pm in your local time zone.

During this time, you'll be able to collect Minccino Limited Research tasks from the various PokéStops you visit.

Every time you complete one of these special Minccino Limited Research tasks, you'll be able to catch a Minccino for your Pokémon collection.

Below you'll find a list of the Minccino Limited Research tasks that are currently in the game code. We don't currently know the exact value for some of tasks, such as how many normal-type Pokémon you might have to catch, so we've placed a [?] within those tasks.

Here are the currently known Minccino Limited Research tasks:

Thank you to martycochrane from reddit for the help with this information.

How to evolve Minccino into Cinccino in Pokémon Go

Thank you Chrales for this image of the Unova Stone.

In the mainline Pokémon games, you have to use a Shiny Stone on a Minccino into a Cinccino. Shiny Stones, however, are absent from Pokémon Go.

Instead, you'll need a Unova Stone to add Cinccino to your Pokédex.

You'll also need 50 Minccino candy to make this evolution occur.

You can easily earn more Minccino candy by having a Minccino as your buddy, using Pinap Berries when catching a Minccino or by transferring any spare Minccino you might have.

The World of Wonders Season is coming to an end in Pokémon Go. Make a start on the Masterwork Research: Catching Wonders quest for a Master Ball, Glitz and Glam quest for a Diancie and catch up on the World of Wonders quest before it ends! Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Everything we know about Minccino and Cinccino

Minccino and Cinccino are Gen 5, normal-type, Pokémon that made their first appearance in Pokémon Black and White.

Both of these Pokémon are clearly inspired by chinchillas, with Minccino's category even calling it the Chinchilla Pokémon.

Cinccino's category, meanwhile, is the Scarf Pokémon, which refers to how it wears it's own hair like a scarf. There could, however, be a dark twist to this category when you consider how chinchillas are hunted for their fur, which is often used to make scarfs.

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