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Pokémon Go Gengar counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

Gengar haunts Pokémon Go.

Gengar, one of the three original ghost-type Pokémon from Gen 1, is a raid boss in Pokémon Go.

Once you've defeated Gengar in a raid battle, then you might be lucky enough to encounter a shiny version.

The raid boss tier Gengar is assigned in Pokémon Go depends on whether or not it's taking part in a Special Raid Challenge event; if it is then Gengar is a four-star raid boss, if not it will be a three-star raid boss.

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Gengar counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Here's everything you need to know about the counters and weaknesses for Gengar:

  • Gengar type: Ghost and poison-type
  • Gengar is weak against: Dark, ground, ghost and psychic-type
  • Gengar counters: Alakazam, Gengar, Mewtwo, Espeon, Tyranitar, Metagross, Latios, Goundon. Rhyperior and Chandelure
  • Other Gengar notes: A mixture of strong ground and psychic-type Pokémon is the best way to go when fighting Gengar. You can also, if you feel like it, attempt to take Gengar on with your own army of Gengars, due to its weakness against ghost-types.
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Gengar CP in Pokémon Go

Below you'll find the CP ranges for Gengar, which are based upon the last time it appeared as a four-star raid boss during a Special Raid Challenge:

  • Raid Boss CP - 31,256
  • Normal CP for catching Gengar - 1420 to 1496
  • Weather Boost (Cloudy or fog) for catching Gengar - 1776 to 1870

Outside of special raid events, Gengar is a three-star raid boss, which gives it the following CP stats:

  • Raid Boss CP - 21,207
  • Normal CP for catching Gengar - 1,644
  • Weather Boost (Cloudy or fog) for catching Gengar - 2,055

Gengar Moveset in Pokémon Go

Haunter evolves into Gengar

Typically, Gengar is able to learn from this variety of fast and charged moves:

Possible Fast Moves:

  • Hex (Ghost)
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  • Sucker Punch (Dark)

Possible Charged Moves:

  • Focus Blast (Fighting)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Sludge Bomb (Poison)

When Gengar is involved in a Special Raid Challenge, such as for Pokémon Day 2020, the moves that it can learn are set to:

  • Fast Move - Lick (Ghost)
  • Charged Move - Psychic (Psychic)

Gengar's that know these moves can only be caught during these Special Raid Challenges.

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Everything we know about Gengar

Known as the shadow Pokemon, Gengar is a member of the original 151 Pokemon. Originally Gengar was a pure ghost-type, but, upon the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver and the introduction of dual type Poémon, Gengar became a ghost and poison-type Pokémon.

Gengar itself originates from Capsule Monsters, which was Satoshi Tajiri's original game concept for what would later become Pokémon. This connection to Capsule Monsters is why Gengar is seen fighting Nidorino in the openings for Pokémon Red, Green, FireRed and LeafGreen, as well as the opening minutes of the first episode of the Pokémon anime.


There is a popular fan theory connecting Gengar to Clefable. The theory states Gengar is what Clefable becomes when it dies and uses the similarities in their appearance - similar ears, feet and number of fingers - as evidence. According to the theory, Clefable's wings and tail transform into Gengar's tail and the spikes along its back.

It has also been hypothesised that Gengar is Clefable's shadow, but, personally, I find the 'Dead Clefable' theory to be more likely.

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