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Playboy-themed MMO due this summer

Free to play via your Internet browser.

Jolt Online Gaming has unveiled Playboy Manager, a casual MMO that will be free to play via Internet browsers.

You get to be a talent agent managing the Playmates' careers. The ultimate goal is to get one of your models a room in the Playboy Mansion, so she can live every girl's dream of having sex with an old man in a dressing gown whenever he wants.

Playboy Manager is said to combine "the best elements of trading card and turn-based gaming". Exclusive Playboy content is promised, including videos and photos. In short, says the press release, it's "the luxurious Playboy lifestyle presented in an online game packed full of wit, style, and pictures which can only be described as titillating".

"We’ve wanted to do a Playboy game forever. As enormous fans of the articles, we jumped at the opportunity to bring the game online for a huge audience," said Jolt boss Dylan Collins. "Who hasn’t wanted to manage a Playboy model?" he added, having failed to survey half the world's population.

Playboy Manager will launch this summer. To sign up and get a beta invite, visit the official website.