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Planetside 2 beta begins Monday night

I feel like I've heard this before...

MMO shooter Planetside 2 is opening up its doors to those with beta keys this Mon, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

SEO president John Smedley tweeted, "Looking like it's going to be Monday at 2pm for the start of Beta. Still a lot of work to do tomorrow and this weekend but looking good."

He later clarified that he was referring to PST, so that's 10 p.m. BST.

However, Smedley made a similar claim last week where he tweeted "The beta will start next Mon or Tues barring any unforeseen circumstances." It turns out there was some "unforseen circumstances" after all as it never showed up.

On Monday he clarified, "Had planned for today or tomorrow but we have some stuff we need to make sure is awesome."

For now, you can still sign up for the closed beta here, though it's not clear how long it will take to receive a key.

Our Paul Dean recently previewed Planetside 2 where he said, " Right now, PlanetSide 2 looks good and it plays as well as any, twitchy, deadly FPS... It has the potential to be the MMO that really connects its players, in so many new ways."

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