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Phantasy Star Zero out in winter 2009

Draw messages to your online friends.

SEGA has announced plans to release DS title Phantasy Star Ø - or simply Phantasy Star Zero - in "winter 2009".

Phantasy Star Zero is a primarily multiplayer action-RPG in which up to four players join forces via local wireless connection or Nintendo WFC and battle monsties.

As with Phantasy Star Onlines past, you are able to customise your character's race, class and gender, and hunt down over 350 unique weapons as you go.

SEGA is also making a song and dance about the game's "Visual Chat" interface, which makes it sound as though you can scribble in speech bubbles rather than rely on set phrases for communication with online friends.

Phantasy Star Zero was released in Japan on 25th December, and also features an offline mode for the friendless. We have a trailer and a trio of screenshots on our Phantasy Star Zero gamepage.

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Phantasy Star Zero

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