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Over 1 million Spore creatures created

But EA quiet on penis monster tally.

More than a million wild, wonderful and mostly penis-shaped beasties have now been designed using the Spore Creature Creator.

That's pretty impressive considering the thing's only been available to download for a week.

The millionth creature was created by user FlamingChidori and was named Sapiusgeenus. It's two-legged and green, and can be viewed over at Spore.com - which is also the place to go if you want to download the Creature Creator.

"Maxis is excited, humbled and inspired by the explosion of creativity that we’ve seen with the Spore Creature Creator online," said executive producer Lucy Bradshaw. "I’m amazed at the creations I see getting uploaded to the Sporepedia, whether it’s a realistic looking bird or animal, a 10-eyed alien, or something completely bizarre and unexpected like a creature that looks like a motorcycle, it’s clear that people have an innate desire to be creative, and we’re thrilled to help them express themselves."

The free trial version of Spore Creature Creator features 25 per cent of the creature-making parts from the finished game. You can share your creations online, and you'll be able to import them into the full game later this yera.

Spore is out on PC, Mac, Nintendo DS and mobile phone on September 5th.