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Okami Wii in summer - source

Just lovely with potatoes.

A man on the inside has told Eurogamer that Okami Wii will be out here in summer. He sleeps in the walls.

His words scupper suggestions from retailers that it will be out the same week as the US version that arrives on 25th March.

But Capcom Europe has remained reluctant to comment, leaving us with an initial and probably US forecast of spring to go by.

Okami is an action-adventure that Kristan bangs on and on about, claiming it was his joint favourite game of 2007. Which is probably why he gave it 10/10.

You play as a god who runs around as a wolf and saves the world from evil using a paintbrush and some much needed advice from his calligrapher bug friend Issun. Imagine the best bits of Zelda bundled with innovative combat system and heart warming art.

The translation to Wii is being handled by Ready at Dawn of Daxter and God of War PSP fame. Its paintbrush flourishes should fit the controls immaculately.

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