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Nier Automata Ver 1.1a anime series will premiere in January 2023

Automata for the people.

Nier Automata's spin-off anime series, Nier Automata Ver 1.1a, will premiere in January 2023.

Whilst we've yet to hear of a definitive date, creator Yoko Taro was at least able to confirm the release window during Aniplex Online Fest, which took place over the weekend.

Interestingly, Taro also revealed that due to the differences between storytelling via games and traditional mediums - and despite Aniplex's hopes of a faithful retelling of the game - the anime's story will differ.

Here's the announcement trailer - yes, there are English subtitles – complete with several minutes' worth of footage from the anime itself:

Cover image for YouTube video『NieR:Automata Ver1.1a』in Aniplex Online Fest
NieR:Automata Ver1.1a in Aniplex Online Fest

"Nier: Automata was a story we created to be a game, so copying it as-is wouldn’t make an interesting story for an anime," Taro explained.

"I'm the one going around and breaking things for [Aniplex], so if anyone is dissatisfied [with the anime's story], it's likely to be my fault," he added (thanks, PCGN).

After countless rumours, the Nier Automata anime was finally officially confirmed back in Feburary of this year. It's set to star Nier Automata protagonists 2B and 9S.

"The stage is a far future where humanity is defeated by the moon in front of the overwhelming force of 'mechanical life forms' that aliens carry out," a translation of its description stated at the time. "2B belonging to the newly organised Android unit YoRHa will throw themselves into a fierce battle to recapture the earth".