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FIFA Manager 07 demo

Ahead of Friday's release.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If you haven't found your home in Football Manager 2007, Championship Manager 2007 or LMA Manager 2007, EA's inviting you to give FIFA Manager 07 a go in its new PC demo. (Well, they'd probably like you to go for their version first, but let's be realistic.)

The 286MB demo version released this week (details of which are scant, sadly) allows you to take a view on EA's 07 update, which will be available to buy in Europe this Friday, 3rd November.

Features added to the 07 edition seemingly include a more detailed transfer system with options for pre-contract arrangements, loans deals and extensions, the ability to oversee your youth set-up, refined AI and even the option to take one player under your wing and actually control him in the 3D match mode.

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